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    Problem with resolution in desktop mode

    The default display setting is set to 150% to make items bigger for easier reading in a small screen. To update back to 100%, go to Control panel, choose Display, then under Change the Size of All Items. Change to "Smaller" which is 100%. This will give you true 1920 X 1080 resolution. You...
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    4GB or 8GB RAM really make a difference?

    On the MS Surface Pro 2, 8GB is MUCH FASTER than 4GB whether you need the extra RAM or not. 4GB configuration is using SINGLE channel only. 8GB is using DOUBLE channel. It is like putting in 1 stick of 4GB RAM onto a desktop computer, you get single channel only. In fact, most of the...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Pen, Sleeve and Micro SD

    1. Kindle -free 2. - free 3. -free
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    Surface Pro work with Macrium or Acronis ?

    I use Macrium Reflect, the free version and it works great on SP. Created the Windows PE boot drive (Rescue disk) on an USB drive. Booted from the USB drive and it came up with Reflect, ready to restore your backed up images from previous backups. You can use Reflect to clone the Windows 8...
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    Disk Imaging Application Bug on Surface Pro

    I am using Macrium Reflect, there is a FREE version for non-commercial use and it works great. There are 2 backup options with Reflect: (1) Clone backup which creates an exact image of the partitions to either CD/DVD or USB drives. (2) Image backup which creates compressed images of your...
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    Amount of free space on a Surface Pro 64GB after clean-up is around 40GB

    For those who are curious about the amount of free space available on the Surface Pro 64GB. I got about 40GB free after performing cleanups. There is a Recovery partition for Windows 8 that eats up 8GB of space. The Recover partition is used by the Reset feature if you need restoring your...
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    surface pro speakers

    There is another Level setting under the Speakers in Control Panel. Mine was at 5%. I changed it to 50%, much better now.
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    surface pro microphone issue!.. please help

    Lowering the Microphone level to around 50% should help too.
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    OSX on surface pro mountian lion

    Yes, I think people are just doing it for fun. Booting other OS off the USB sticks is cool.
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I am just using the standard out of the box power settings. I think 50% which is very bright. yes, I know I can get a 4G / wi-fi hotspot or tether to a phone for access to internet on the go. Just wish there was an option, but not a deal breaker.
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    OSX on surface pro mountian lion

    Surface Pro can run any OS that runs on Intel x86 platform. OSX, Linux and whatever out there. But what is the point of running other OS since they don't support touch or pen. It is a waste of such a nice powerful machine.
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I had the Surface Pro 64GB for a few days now. I am very happy with the battery life. I've been getting just under 6 hours which is great for such a powerful computer. I work at home a lot and I have been able to kick-back in my family room on my comfy leather sofa. I love the pen too. It...
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    Asus 11.6" Laptop Windows 8

    Q200E is the old model with the 2nd gen i3 processor. S200E or X202E are the newer models with 3nd gen i3 processor. These laptops are great values and works VERY well and also VERY fast. Highly recommended. They are available at STAPLES for under $500 including an external DVD burner.
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    surface pro microphone issue!.. please help

    To lower the background noise. Check the Microphone Boost setting. It needs to be at 0 db. Right click on the Speaker icon on your lower right of your desktop. Select Recording Devices, then select the Recording tab. Click on Microphone, and then click the Properties button to bring up...
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    Surface RT and Surface Pro sdxc slot

    Russ, Do you have a slower card that you could test? Just wondering if there is a difference. Thanks, Henry