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    Problem with browsers on Surface Pro

    Which browser(s) do you use on your pro? Howdy, everyone. I have been playing around with a few different browsers on my pro and was curious which ones you guys use and why you prefer them over others. So far it seems that IE plays the nicest with the scaling, etc. I really want to like...
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    April 9th SP Firmware Upgrade

    If you updated the latest drivers from the intel site last week, this hardware update will roll them back to the OEM version released dec. of last year.
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    April 9th SP Firmware Upgrade

    This update rolls back the display drivers yet again.
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    Another driver question (HD 4000)

    Howdy, fellow Surface Pro owners. I am a proud new owner of the SP and have found this forum a blessing. I have been lurking for a few days now, and finally decided to make a post. Forgive me if it has been answered I combed through the forums via search and just browsing and have seen lots...
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    New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.

    I wonder if these will be worth it or if the MS OEM version via update manage (hardware update) are still going to be the best due to the throttling issues.

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