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    Windows RT and LTE Modem

    Yep. A portable hotspot is your best bet. There were some threads about one particular 3G dongle having signed drivers that would work with the Surface, but tbh a hotspot is going to be easier (and supported). They'll be a Surface out with LTE built-in soon.
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    Surface Pro 2 Dual/Triple external monitors - what works and what doesn't

    Did you check out this thread?
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    Microsoft Might be Forced Into a Move that Could Kill the Surface Tablets

    I'm still intrigued as to how a "touch" version of Office would work. Unless there's a very stripped down set of menus then getting to anything complex might be a chore. If it is a lightweight version of Office, I'll stick with my Surface/keyboard/mouse combo for anything actually productivity...
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    Storing VirtualBox machine on SD card

    It'll be slow. If you can split the VM into an OS vdi and one or more data vdi's, stick the OS one on the SSD, the others on the SD and performance/usability might be bearable. I'd not worry about trying to minimise read/writes to the SD.
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    Skydrive tray icon is back

    I only use Sky/OneDrive for files and OneNote Notebooks (<20GB in total). All media is on an SD card. So I have the "Access all files offline" setting to On. Until I reboot when it resets itself to Off. And that's on several different Windows 8.1 devices. Something's very broken in...
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    Skydrive tray icon is back

    Ah. There it is. Now if they could only iron out the cloud side of it so it can be used/sync like it used to.
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    yet another outlook to question

    That's a good point. I've not got Outlook 2010 so can't recall all the connectivity options it supports. In which case Lorna could may have to set her PC Outlook to connect using IMAP. The section on IMAP at Mail Server Settings should help. IMAP is still smarter than POP/SMTP.
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    yet another outlook to question

    Problem is the Outlook on your PC. POP/SMTP connection has no smarts - it doesn't know/care if you read the mail/delete it on another device. I would do the following: - Make sure you've a good backup of your email data (including exporting Calendars, Contacts etc to a PST file - just in case...
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    Battery Pen

    I don't think weight would be the issue.
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    Stopping cursor from moving across two monitors?

    Wait. You let your ladies loose on your Surface?!? Shame on you.
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    outlook 2013

    Any error message?
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    Stopping cursor from moving across two monitors?

    There might be something out there. But if you arrange display properties something like below, would that help minimize the chance of accidental creep from one screen to the other?
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    Uploading videos to Facebook

    Are you using the Facebook app or using Internet Explorer to browse to the Facebook website?
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    unable to set up outlook 2013

    Need some more details... error message? What kind of account (Exchange/IMAP etc)? Who are the accounts with?
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    USB External Monitor Problem

    Actually, before thinking about power, if it's displaying just a black screen have you configured the display settings to mirror/extend the display to the additional monitor?

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