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    Please recommend *Urgent* Which SP3 ? Or Yoga 3 ? At.. Best Buy right now!

    I installed apps on my external card and the only issue I have is if the computer goes to sleep for more than 45min it wont detect the card upon wake up, I have a thread up and no one is willing to help at this point, so I moved all my vital apps to the main HD for now.... Ill contact microsoft...
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    Please recommend *Urgent* Which SP3 ? Or Yoga 3 ? At.. Best Buy right now!

    I am an OMS-1 currently and I can vouch for SP3, invaluable for studying medicine. What's really helpful is one note and the ability to mark things up / make detailed study notes, also really great to disconnect the keyboard and use as a notebook with the patients. We have over 250 people in...
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    Hating my new SPro 3 >:(

    A week away from windows 10, stick around. It could also be your wifi router or network and not the sp3.
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    SD card issue, sleep cycle

    I mean if there is no solution I will have to reinstall everything to the ssd, thought it would be worth a shot maybe its just a simple registry change away from working fine.
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    SD card issue, sleep cycle

    I've searched all over the web and forums, still having some trouble with my new sp3 and the 64gb sd card I purchased. I have a sandisk ultra 64gb. The issue: if computer sleeps for more than 45minutes - upon waking up it will not detect the SD card unless rebooted. This is bad news for me...
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    New Surface Pro 3 owner here!

    Hello guys, excited new owner here. I just picked up an i5 128 SP3 during the $799 deal on microsoft website. All came out to $1004.00 with extended warranty. I will be starting medical school in a few weeks and picked this device due to all the reviews out there. I realize the sp4 is around...

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