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    Is SurfacePro going to have to cut their price?

    That sounds interesting. I have indeed not been to CES. I have heard of these waterproofing dips, but how can you make a device with open ports waterproof like this? Wouldn't it just fill with water? As far as I know the $900M charge was for the Surface RTs not the Surface range as a whole. I...
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    Sign out of Live account?

    Perhaps it has become sentient? Keep an eye on it for sure. The robot apocalypse is coming!
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    Is SurfacePro going to have to cut their price?

    So they should've made a SP with more openings, kept the ports, size, weight and everything else and then somehow made it waterproof? Oh and then also made it half the price thereby ensuring that they don't even recover the cost of R&D and possibly also ship the units at a loss? These comments...
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    Is SurfacePro going to have to cut their price?

    Yeah I've seen both of those, didn't much like them. The XPS 11 is just a Lenovo Yogo with a permanent touch cover style (flat) keyboard. The ATIV Q is big and heavy. I'm already wishing for a lighter/thinner SP. Running Android is interesting but I feel like it misses the point a little. I...
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    Is SurfacePro going to have to cut their price?

    Sure but have we not always paid a price premium for portability? The SP is still a unique (maybe niche) product in many ways. I don't think so much pressure comes from larger ultrabooks/laptops. Also the SP was never good value for money when you look at specs vs. price. Quite possible, but...
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    Not getting full screen on playing games!

    I have no experience with The Walking Dead specifically but did you try pressing Alt+Enter when you are in-game? That sometimes toggles between full screen and windowed mode.
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    Your upgrade cycle...

    I really can't remember my upgrades any more as everything after my first desktop PC (somewhere around 1997 as well), has been a DIY build. I have generally just upgraded that as parts have failed or occasionally, especially in the early years, if my video card needed a refresh for a new game I...
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    the pro and university

    Only Microsoft really knows if and when a Haswell version is coming. Everything else you hear are just rumours. Considering that this thing was a month late in the US and 6 months late everywhere else even when Microsoft announced it, I would say there are no guarantees. I laboured over this...
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    Everything in Scale

    The problem is most people have no clue what DPI is and how it relates to what they see on the screen, they just want stuff to be the same size. But now that Windows actually supports displaying different DPI on different monitors maybe you can get to the raw values through registry or...
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    Surface Pro with Screen Lift Issues

    I have not had this issue but I have come across a couple of stories like this. I thought it was just an issue on the early batch of SPs. If I were you I would just get it replaced until you get a good one. You've certainly had bad luck but that's what the warranty is for right?
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    Type Cover Alternatives

    Nice find. 340g vs 220g for the type cover. Totally not worth the extra weight. It does look nice though.
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    Everything in Scale

    Isn't the goal to make everything a comfortable, usable size on all monitors? I would think the side-effect of this goal is that you would maximize your screen real estate by default. For instance, if I am happy with the size of screen elements on my 30" monitor at the default DPI, I could set...
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    If you were starting over...

    Can you please post a guide for your method? I tried using the chisel on the battery indicator but when I finally got through it wasn't there at all! Maybe I'm using the wrong type of chisel or something. Also now my SP is running sort of weird, it keeps shutting itself off and the screen keeps...
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    Recommendations for Surface Pro that I can write on and use screen recording software

    Just to add to this external USB powered CD/DVD drives are fairly inexpensive now so that's another option if you're not comfortable changing from one medium to another. Although the other two options are probably better.
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    Brand new surface pro with blacklight bleeding

    Perhaps the Surface boots at 100% brightness or something. Typically I run my Surface at 20% brightness, this would make a significant difference to the visibility of the bleeding.

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