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    Does the SP4 come with the interchangeable nibs??

    My bad. I meant the interchangeable nibs. I've made it absolutely clear to the sales rep (interchangeable nib pack VS replacement nib) I'm on phone with MS customer support, and the Tech says the SP4s come with the nibs (pack of 4). I'm making absolutely sure of this by escalating it and...
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    Does the SP4 come with the interchangeable nibs??

    Hi, I just spoke with the MS rep about the interchangeable nibs. She says the SP4 should come with them out of the box. Mine didn't come with one, so I made absolutely sure that she's not mistaken. Apparently, they are suppose to come with the nibs... Can someone verify this...
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    Pro 4 vs. Surface Book vs. iPad Pro...

    I would recommend going for the SP4, unless you absolutely know that you need a descrete GPU. You're paying 500$ premium just for the base model of SB compared to its SP4 equivalent. And while the SB offers better ergonomics, without the need for the descrete GPU (and you know who you are, if...
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    So what is the real impetus to upgrade to 4?

    The Pen. RIP W10 One Note users.
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    Intel core M vs i3 SP3

    If the numbers from 5th Gen CPU benchmarks translate to the 6th Gen Skylake M/U SKUs, you can expect about 3 quarters of the performance from the core-M variations when compared to ULV variants. In terms of single thread performance, there's really no noticable difference. As for graphics...
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    Well, the only solid information we know from MS is the TDP of 65W and the 1Gig of GDDR5... So basically, either 950M or 960M. Definitely not 970M. I hear few people saying it's the 950 (Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet), while some claiming that it's 960...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    I've been testing different games on the new SP3, and I think there's something wrong with the power plan. I've been getting 30-40FPS on LoL without mannually touching with the power settings and performance settings, but with a little tweak, I was able to push it up to 50-60fps (which is ~5 fps...
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    Travel Case for Surface Pro 3

    You might want to check this one out then. Just came out today, specifically designed for the SP3 series.
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    Under load scenerios. Not just gaming. Any kind of heavy work-load programs such as preimere, sony vegas, 3D RTR. I like how some people just dismiss this problem by simplting saying that "SP3 was designed for simple office work, not heavy-load scenerios", but then I challenge you to provide me...
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    I think you're missing my point, but let's do a side by side analysis. The Broadwell 53xxY series will probably perform on par with 4300U on SP3 under load due to much more efficient thermal managing on Y series VS the horrible load performance on SP3. The catch is, it has much lower TDP, silent...
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    Y SoC variants of broadwell will be shipping by september. Asus leak has products with Y series SoC BWs ready by school, and other rumors state Y/ULV aiming for back to school Q3 14, while desktop variants will launch by the end of this year...
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    I've carefully read the entire thread and considered arguements from both sides, and my conclusion is this. It all comes down to what your needs are. First, let me get this out of the way for those defending the SP3's performance. I've been running benchmarks all weekend (I have to ship my SP2...
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    Which surface pro 3 do I get confused

    After toying with the machine for couple of days, I'm starting to think that the i3 model will be the most successful model. I know the biggest selling point of the SP3 over the baytrail counter-parts is that it's got a cull core-i series CPU inside, but upon much testing and finding...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Interestingly, I found out that in singleplayer with wifi off on Starcraft II, i get about 65fps, while I get about 10fps drop on Also, try running your games on window mode, not full screen. I see similar (+/-10%) performance difference between SP2 and SP3, at least on window...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    I've been running some games on both devices, and I did notice the performance drop on SP3, but not by a lot. I ran Starcraft II at 1280x720 with low everything except textures at high, and I get around 55-60 FPS on SP3. I usually get 60-65FPS on my SP2. The fan is also really loud once it...

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