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    Factory reset?

    As much as I love my Surface Pro I lost my job and need to sell it for financial reasons. I obviously don't want to sell it with anything on it, so I want to wipe it completely to have it ready for someone else to enjoy. Is there an easy way to completely reset the Surface Pro? Thanks in advance.
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    surface pro + Adobe Master Collection CS6=?

    Does the workable area in PS CS6 work well on the Pro's screen? I am currently using Google Sketchup on my Pro, but have been considering throwing on CS6 now that the pen works correctly with it. My only concern is that the screen will be much to cluttered on the Pros screen and hinder...
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    Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Haswell lineup

    Since Haswell is very close, I've been trying to decide the fate of my Surface Pro. I originally bought my Pro for a job, but plans fell through and I ended up keeping it for college classes for CAD/Notes/Sketching/etc. Well, classes are over for now and I don't return until late August. That...
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    Surface Pro vibration/tactile feedback?

    Oddly enough, my Windows button just started vibrating again... but I have no clue why it started working again.
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    Where can I find the OEM stylus at a reasonable price?

    After a few months with the pro it finally happened. I reached in my pocket to take out my stylus and it wasn't there. I searched everywhere but I traveled to many places today to backtrack everyplace. I've seen posts about alternative pens, but they all seem to be lacking in some way or...
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    I was able to connect my charger today in 1 try

    I felt the same way when i just slipped the charger on without any hassle. Got to love the small victories in life haha
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    Attaching the pen ... problem solved!

    I love MacGyver style solutions, good work.
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    Surface Pro vibration/tactile feedback?

    My Windows button stopped vibrating within a week of purchasing. Not worthy of returning it, but still kind of annoying for a feature to just stop working
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    Cursor jumping around on Word 2013

    I had this problem too.I disabled the click feature on the touchpad and it fixed it. I never liked that feature anyway, seeing as there are physical buttons right below the tra anyway lol
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    Pro and awful spell check/intuitive text.

    One thing I loved about my android tablet was using Swipe and Swiftkey, as the intuitive text input and spell check made typing exremely fast with the virtual keyboard. Sadly, the Pro is the exact opposite. The intuitive text input is almost always wrong, and shows up after about 80-90%n of...
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    My pro overheated again, but this time it gave a warning. I run active cooling all the time, as I dont mind the fan noise. I have a theory as to why it is overheating. I alays keep the type cover connected, and fold it back when I want to use it as a tablet. Perhaps the cover is preveting...
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    Thanks for the help. I just got done talking to Microsoft's chat support. They were actually surprisingly helpful. We managed to get my Surface back up and running with a rather simple fix. All I had to do was hold Volume-up for a few seconds, then press and hold the power button while...
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    I plugged in my e-cig's charger (simple USB adaptor with an LED). When I press and hold the power button, the light turns on for one second, then shuts off again. So there is power, it just doesn't want to turn on. I know the fans were working as of this morning, I could hear them wizzing...
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    It has been charging for the past hour+. The charging light is on, but even holding down the power button for a while the system doesn't even attempt to boot (just remains off)
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    EDIT: Issue solved Like the topic says; I was doing some work on my pro, nothing to power hungry; just some excel spreadsheets and music playing in the background (it was still plugged in). I was using the type cover w/ a wireless mouse, and all of a sudden the Pro just shut off completely...

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