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    SB2 randomly stops charging

    Exactly what it sounds like. For some reason, maybe once or twice throughout the day, my SB2 will just stop charging while plugged in. Its easy to fix. All I have to do to get it to charge again is switch the outlet in the wall that I'm plugged into. I'm hoping that this means that its a problem...
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    Surface Book 2 issues with integrated graphics

    I have it on sRGB already so unfortunately that hasnt solved anything. Do you have the 15" and just not experience this issue? Maybe my model has a defect.
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    Surface Book 2 issues with integrated graphics

    I tried following the registry edit that was suggested in that thread, but it didn't fix the issue. I think that it isn't working because the guy who figured that out did it for the 13 inch model so maybe the edit needs to be different for the 15" model. Also, I was wondering if you might do me...
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    Surface Book 2 issues with integrated graphics

    Basically, it goes something like this: the surface book 2 has two graphics processors to choose from. One is the gtx 1060 and the other is intel integrated 620. The problems occur when the laptop chooses the intel integrated 620 for things like web browsing and streaming media. The first...

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