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    Kickstand wobble

    I don't have that problem, however, looking at the kickstand of my surface I see an exposed screw on each of the hinges. I would try tightening those and see if it helps.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Shuts down when unplugged

    My surface was working perfectly fine on one day, then the next when i went to unplug it from the wall it shut itself off instantly. The battery registers as 100%. It works fine as long as its plugged in, but instantly shuts off when unplugged, and pressing the power button when unplugged does...
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    What happened to March Firmware Update?

    I sometimes have this problem too. I find that if I put it to sleep with the power button then quickly wake it back up it sometimes fixes the CPU usage problem.
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    USB External Monitor Problem

    Ya, I have checked up on that, it is in extend mode. The surface also makes the USB connect noise several times when I plug it in. The display powers on but goes black. Not too sure why that is. I have even been able to drag an open program into the blank second screen, it still shows the...
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    USB External Monitor Problem

    I have tried it both using a hub and without, neither seems to work. It turns on and registers it but it only shows a black screen
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    USB External Monitor Problem

    So I have a AOC USB powered external monitor (model is E1659fwu), when I connect it to my Surface Pro 2 it powers up but it only shows a black screen. I have looked through all the settings I can find as well as the manual with no luck. It worked fine the first time I plugged it in, but not...
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    Does anyone know when the Surface Pro 3 will be released?

    Just checking to see if anyone heard/ read anything I didn't
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    Surface Pro 2 1.9 CPU Lot Numbers

    Got a 1350 Surface Pro 2, it is the new 4300u
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    Yes I tried it on the full 1080 resolution I will try it on lower resolutions
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    On youtube there is a video of someone getting about 30 - 40 fps on War Thunder on medium settings on a surface pro 2. However when I try this on my surface pro 2 I only get anywhere from 16 - 22 fps. What is the difference?
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    Does anyone know when the Surface Pro 3 will be released?

    I am going to be a university student next September, I'm not sure if I should try to wait for the surface pro 3 or just get the 2. I would like to have it before September. Will it be worth the wait, I there going to be a significant improvement in power or battery life?
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    Onenote 2013 vs. 2010

    The app version of OneNote loses some of the functionality, doesn't it. I think if I were to get the 2013 I would get the home and student version. It come with Word as well which should be useful, and it only adds a little cost compared to just buying OneNote.
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    Onenote 2013 vs. 2010

    I am not sure if 2013 is necessary. I own a copy of 2010, is it worth the upgrade to 2013 OneNote for the surface pro 2? I am a student going into university.

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