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    Surface Pro 3 and wireless ac

    So how exactly do you go about streaming steam games to the surface pro 3? I definitely want to do this and I have the nighthawk router. Will it still matter about the hardware in the pro 3?
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    is the 8gb ram worth it?

    Thats what I was thinking. Ill never use photoshop but my gf uses it on a two year old imac with 4 gigs ram just fine. I open a lot of sites at once but even on my gaming desktop I had 4 gigs for a long time and recently upgraded to 8 and not sure it made much of a.difference. I am a finance...
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    is the 8gb ram worth it?

    Hi guys! So I preordered the i5 128gb pro 3 but now thinking I should have gotten the 8gb ram version. Its mostly for school but I will play some games on it as well. How much of a difference will the extra ram make? I dont need the extra storage so wish it was not an extra 300 dollars...
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    Shipping - Killin' me!

    Yeah I had a yoga 2 pro I bought right before finding out about the surface pro 3 and I just sold it so no laptop till it arrives. Do you guys think it will arrive on the 20th or ship then? Not sure if i want to cancel online preorder and go preorder at the store
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    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    how is ebay and paypal john doe?
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    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    ok.... well it is half the price. People on ebay are not usually companies selling refurbished goods. If it is brand new it is usually something someone bought and never opened or didn't want. I would still rather pay 85 for a refurbished or slightly used type cover than 130 for a new one. If it...
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    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    haha I do agree with all this however I wish there were more companies like ebay so there would be some competition! I think the percentages ebay takes from the sell are a little ridiculous. Plus you pretty much have to accept paypal these days if you want to sell your product so they take even...
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    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    I have been using ebay for years and years. Hardly have ever had a problem. Ebay and paypal are VERY good with buyer protection. Sometimes there seller protection slacks though. The seller had 500 positive feedbacks and 0 negatives. I messaged him about the issue and he responded within 5...
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    just bought a new type cover from ebay that does not work!!

    I just received a new type cover that I bought off ebay. It is not working. I know it is not my device because I also have a touch cover that works fine. ive tried restarting the computer and connecting the keyboard a bunch of times but it wont register. is there anything I have to change in...
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    how to get accidentle protection

    does anyone know?
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    how to get accidentle protection

    Where else can I buy it? And what do you mean reimbursement? My surface pro is a little past the 45 days so is buying the protection not possible anymore? The Microsoft store is pretty far from me so I really hope if I take it in they will replace it. The stand really broke from normal use so I...
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    how to get accidentle protection

    How do I go about getting the accidental coverage for my surface pro if I bought it about a month or more ago from best buy? Is it possible? Also not sure if I need it because my issue is that one of the bands on the hinge snapped and then caused a crack in the stand. I have never dropped or...
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    So, gmail doesn't work with the Surface Pro email app?

    another thing you can do is use outlook and have your gmail forwarded to that account
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    Best Screen Protector for Stylus Usage?

    I would like to know this too because I did have a skinomi protector for my note 2 (has stylus) and it was worthless. Way too soft It just left indents everytime I tried to use it. Sorry I do not have a suggestion just confirming that I would definitely advise against skinomi.
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    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    mine just got the touch cover:

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