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    Account setup on new book 2

    What drive is in modern SB2 15" 1TB stock? ( newer revision) I reckon the drive write-speed would be a lot faster then older SB2's.. Am on the fanless version and more or less on old spec, hence no driver update or bios etc.(all from scratch on a 256GB 8gB edition) but massive difference from...
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    Intel XTU

    ETU seems to work as intended on my SB2 and able to reach over 4k in Geek5 with ETU UV -0.1v but you need specific build, otherwise, you will get the above error-code. Was pleasantly surprised to see my low'end fanless SB2 top Geek4 on all the top 8 ranking...
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    I reckon some was expecting a SB3 here at the recent MS-fall event but no dice and was sadly not in the cards. Are new too Surface Book and I really not saw it as an purchase option that made sense as the prices gets even more insane here in Scandinavia after tax and another +25% VAT on top but...