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    Does your SP6 throttle down to 400MHz and stay there?

    I haven't seen that behaviour, so far at least. Mine is very snappy, and is the same spec.
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    Fan Noise on Surface Pro 6

    Ah it's now developed a new symptom - the external monitor now starts flashing when the fan comes on, almost likes it's disconnecting and reconnecting! Going to try a new lead, but the lead behaves fine with my Surface Laptop 2. This isn't going well!
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    Fan Noise on Surface Pro 6

    Hi there I have a three month old Surface Pro 6 i7 512MB, and it's starting doing something that is odd, or at least I think it's odd. We had a hot spell in London and now when the fan comes on it makes a fair amount of mechanical noise, as well as the normal rushing air sound, and the fan...

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