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    Where is Surface Pro Advanced LTE Forum

    It's basically the same as the i5 8GB version without the LTE, also, I agree it doesn't need a separate section. Plantje, I do have one if you have questions.
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    Yeah, using my phone to tether was working. But the LTE is very nice. My cell phone plan is unlimited, however, they throttle you down after 22GB per month. With a tether and cell phone use, I go through that every month. I can't deal with the slower speeds. The LTE portion has it's own...
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    They need the fanless i5 in order to have room for the LTE modem and hardware in the device. They use 99% of the device as it is, so adding LTE wasn't easy. I wanted an i7 LTE as well, but I do like the better battery life and fanless features of the i5. I guess it depends on what you are...
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    So they popped up on the Microsoft website. I talked to someone there, they are working on having them available for spring. But orders have been coming in. They are no longer available. I talked to CDW. And they are taking orders but they are not being filled yet. That’s fine with me. I...
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    Hence why I'm looking for LTE...
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    Unrelated, what software or apps to you use to pair your Android phone to your Surface devices? I have seen some programs that allow you to basically use your android phone on your WIN10 device. Do you use any of those? I have contacted CDW. Everywhere says "call for pricing". :(
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    I have been searching to replace my SP3 with the SP2017 with LTE. They were available for a few days and then removed from the website. One affiliate site says they will be ready for sale in Spring 2018? Anyone have any inside information as to when these LTE devices will come out?
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    SP3 new screen

    I have contacted several places about a cracked screen. They all tell me the same thing. 1.) It's not worth fixing 2.) They cannot warranty any work 3.) Most likely, they will damage it while repairing 4.) It's probably cheaper/better to just buy a new one
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    SP3 and WIN10 Creators Update

    So, the Fall Creators update was released like 2 weeks ago. I heard that newer machines would get the download first. I check for updates every day and the update is still not ready for me. Did you guys get the update automatically or did you have to manually update?
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    Surface Pro M3 v i5

    When purchasing a computer, I try to buy a computer that not just fits what I do now, but what I might be doing 5 years from now. Although the m3 might be fine for what you do now, as app get more complex, I would suggest getting the i5 so that you don’t have to upgrade 2 years from now and this...
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    Solved Screen flicker when using Surface 3 PRO on battery mode

    Thank you for sharing this. I have not experienced. but I'm glad you found a solution.
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    Best Buy has the surface dock on sale! [SORRY, SALE OVER]

    Still shows as $199 on my end....
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    SP3 user looking to SP5

    So far the information online shows that the new SP5 will in fact use the Kaby Lake Processors and it will retain the SP3/SP4 charger or dock plug. Thats good for me since I have a SP3 and a SP4 dock and a charger and a car charger. If it wasn't for the poor battery quality of the SP3, I would...
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    How I Pack My Junk

    Do you ever have issues with the audio being off from the video. Mine never syncs properly. The audio is always like 3 seconds behind which is very annoying.
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    Four total monitors.

    I have had a 4 monitor setup in the past. It was three external and then the Surface screen. This was accomplished by using the surface pro 3 dock. I used the: 1.) Surface Screen 2.) Minidisplay on the sp3 dock 3.) Minidisplay on the SP3 4.) USB to VGA cord. The above setup worked pretty...

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