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    Any limit on Micro SD size?

    I'm fairly certain that you could potentially put in an 2TB Micro SDXC card and have no issues. (if and when they become available). 2TB microSDXC ? largest micro SDXC cardsr®
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    Bluetooth Mouse options

    I use a Razer Orochi Bluetooth / Wired mouse. It has the option of going from Wired to bluetooth wireless on the fly, great battery life and great ergonomics for your hand. It also looks great and comes with a travel pouch etc. you can usually get them for around the $60 mark on sale. Razer...
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    Video App - playing videos from a NAS device

    Its probably to do with a codec issue within the video's app. You're better off navigating to your nas drive via windows explorer and playing your videos with VLC. The native apps are going to have these types of restrictions however thats the benefit of the windows side to the surface pro...
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    Surface Pro Headphone Jack???

    The Spec list doesn't reference the 3.5mm jack as being a line in. The Surface Pro has a built in mic and they may have assumed that was sufficient, anyone else wanting to use a dedicated mic would probably have to go USB.
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    Anyone replaced their home computer with the Surface Pro?

    I use my surface pro as my all purpose on the go machine, but when I need power and performance I move over to my gaming desktop. Unfortunately the surface pro is no substitue for a true gaming PC. Aside from that its great.
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    Finding Trackpad settings for type cover

    Works on my Surface Pro (canada)
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    Two finger scrolling

    Yeah maybe your type cover needs to be exchanged, i'm using mine now and 2 finger scrolling is working 99% of the time.
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    Two finger scrolling

    The touch keyboard by its very nature is less responsive than a normal Keyboard/trackpad just due to the way its designed and built. You will notice that it may or may not get any better with use, for me, I ended up switching to the type keyboard because I got tired of the feeling of smashing my...
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    cooling fan

    I notice the fans get louder when watching video with the Surface Pro, there is obviously more processing happening when playing back video but I wouldn't call it "Loud" its just noticeable. HW Monitor is a great system monitoring tool.
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    Write to Type, purpose?

    for me the handwriting recognition seems to be pretty accurate. I definitely see its being beneficial for someone who would prefer to quickly jot down a note rather than one or two finger type things out. That being said like the OP said, I've only ever really used it out of boredom, simply...
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    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    My surface Pro
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    Accessory Compatibility Thread

    Working - Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse (Razer Synapse software) Working - Sony DB-BT101 Bluetooth headphones Working - Mushkin Ventura Pro 64GB USB 3.0 Key (80Mbps Write / 150Mbps Read) Working - Kingston 64GB Micro SDXC card
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    Surface Pro - Airplane Mode, not working?

    Ugh, i'll try to live without it :P lol.
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    Surface Pro - Airplane Mode, not working?

    After the latest round of updates including updating the Marvell adapter and then rolling it back. I've noticed that still the airplane mode function does not work for me. I toggle the switch to on and all the wifi devices turn off however the toggle reverts back to off. When I try to enable...
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    Surface Pro - Marvell AVASTAR 350N wifi speed?

    I was able to see speeds of 162Mbps on my 5Ghz band N only Dlink router. However this was within 5-10 ft of the router, at around 20ft I was back down to 65, the range on this modem isn't necessarily the best.

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