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    Screen Rotation Issues

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 I am experiencing a problem with my color calibration for the screen. I use a Datacolor Spyder 3 to create a ICC profile that corrects (calibrates) the colors on the Surface screen. When I rotate the Surface (going from Portrait to landscape) in...
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    photoshop question

    Adobe is not yet providing UI (user interface) scaling that works on Windows 8.x devices with high resolution displays. The only option they provide is 200% scaling found in the Edit menu... Preferences... Experimental Features... Scale UI 200% This is a barely adequate solution... but all...
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    Screen freezing

    For the past week (or so) my surface has been freezing up every once and a while. I don't see any pattern... it just stops responding and forces me to hold down the power button to shut down. It happens about twice a day and is a new behavior. Any thoughts?
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    CPU running at 49%

    A few more questions... Do you have any thoughts on why it starts back up every hour or so? Does it do this while on battery as well (I've only paid attention when the SP3 is docked)? Is there any way to control (turn off) the background scanning?
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    CPU running at 49%

    My SP3 has an interesting quirk. I noticed the fan running occasionally and have been trying to track down exactly what is going on when it happens. Here's what I have so far... Something like two or three times an hour the CPU jumps to nearly 50% and the fan comes on. The Task Manager shows...
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    Updates Question

    I applied all the "important" updates without issue yesterday but still have this "optional" update available. Is this an update I should apply... I'm still a little "gun shy" after having to return my SP3 after the earlier fiasco with updates.
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    Jim from Minnesota

    Hello to everyone from Minnesota. I've been posting a few questions in the Surface Pro 3 forum as I get up and running with my new system. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. I plan to use my Surface in my (part time) photography/graphics business. I've used a Surface (1) for the last year...
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    Portable Hard Drive Shuts Down...

    So... I went out this afternoon a purchased a USB Solid State Drive at Micro Center. My pal Dave talked me into getting a Monster Digital Overdrive 3.0 (256 GB) drive for $199. I came home a little skeptical but actually think it is going to work really well for my situation. It runs fine off...
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    "display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

    Every once and a while I get the above message as Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) opens on my Surface Pro 3 (i7 256GB). If I continue on to Photoshop some parts of the advanced graphics system are shut down (I'll try to get some screenshots next time it happens) but Photoshop still functions. I can...
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    Portable Hard Drive Shuts Down...

    You're right it works fine with powered hub. I really want to have the option of using a non powered drive when I'm out on photography shoots. Has anyone here found a portable USB HDD that will run lee the Surface Pro 3 port? BTW... Thanks for the attention you folks pay to users here. This...
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    Portable Hard Drive Shuts Down...

    The drive works fine plugged into a USB port on my desktop computer.
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    Portable Hard Drive Shuts Down...

    My Seagate USB hard drive shuts down every couple of minutes when plugged into the Surface Pro 3. This scenario... Surface Pro 3 (i7 256) plugged into external power. Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive (2TB) plugged into USB 3 port. Working in PhotoShop 2014 the drive causes a audible alert...
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    Blue Screen Errors?

    When I pushed the power button on my Surface Pro 3 earlier today it took a very long time to turn on. I walked away from it and when I looked up a few minutes later it had a "blue screen" message on the screen. Unfortunately the screen timed out just as I approached the computer and I did not...
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    Persistent Task Bar?

    The taskbar on my desktop all of a sudden stays visible across the bottom of the screen when a program opens. I think this happened after the August firmware update. Any thoughts on how to make it disappear like before?

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