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    Running android apps on Surface RT???

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, but I disagree. My Surface RT is now 2.5 years old and still going strong. I actually did my homework before purchasing it and knew what to expect. Are there more powerful tablets and OS's out there? Absolutely, but we all have different requirements and...
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    spot the Surface!

    Yeah I'd seen the Surfaces on NFL before. My point was intended to be more about the really poor video quality on the surface when they used if for some video analysis. I know the surface performs better than that. But the MS marketeers made a nice recovery a little later when they showed...
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    spot the Surface!

    Surfaces all over the place in the Patriots - Ravens playoff game. Near the beginning of the game they used a surface to show some video, BUT it was all pixelated and choppy. Very poor quality that could not have impressed anyone. Too bad. They were all using a very cool heavy duty blue...
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    Another Surface Win

    I just set up a personal cloud at home (the WD My Cloud NAS drive). My old Surface RT recognized it immediately and I easily mapped the public and private shares for easy access. Works like a charm. My kids' iPads? Not so easy. The best solution we could find was to PURCHASE an app...
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    any known bugs for surface 2 and 8.1 update 1?

    Jeff, that was exactly it! And it was staring me right in the face. :nerd: Thanks for that - I didn't understand the meaning of that checkbox. If that is the only setting I lost during the upgrade, then I'm happy.
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    any known bugs for surface 2 and 8.1 update 1?

    The only issue I have is the text size of windows tool bars and menus is tiny after the update. Not sure if this is an "issue" or just a setting I've long ago forgotten how to change. The obvious fix seems to be not available on my RT (see image below).
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    Skydrive Upload / Download Pending

    Interesting. I've been sharing Office files (especially OneNote) with SkyDrive across devices almost every working day for about a year now and never had a single issue. It was only when I started uploading a few hundred books and magazines and tagged them as "available offline" that I started...
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    Skydrive Upload / Download Pending

    Hello, Skydrive on both my desktop (8.1) and my RT (8.1) consistently gets "stuck" syncing files. For example, when I drop files into my desktop Skydrive folders the upload process get stuck at "pending". Similarly when my RT is syncing (downloading) new files on Skydrive (because I have...
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    Use the Surface Pen on Surface RT

    Thanks for the tip. I have always struggled with the rubber-tip stylus for inking on my RT. I just ordered an Adonit Jot Pro and will give it a shot.
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    Notetaking on Powerpoint slides

    I agree with jnjroach - give OneNote a fair try. I use it every day with Skydrive and love how my notes sync up between my workstation at the office, my desktop at home, and my Surface RT. Very convenient.
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    I'm actually optimistic for Windows 8.1

    +1 I was a little surprised to read the moderator's post.
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    Enterprise Adoption of Windows 8/Devices

    1. After a lengthy, expensive, and successful Enterprise upgrade to Win7 my company is not even considering an upgrade to Win8. No incentive (yet) and a billion higher priority things to deal with. 2. We're happy with productivity gains from rolling out tablets to management, and are currently...
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    8 Products That Won't Make It To 2014

    Just sharing: The company I work for has been rolling out iPads to managers for over a year now. Last week I was in a meeting with a bunch of them and I gave them an impromptu demo of my Surface RT. It blew them away! The Surface is so much more business-friendly than the iPad, especially in...
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    SD Recognition After Restart

    I had similar problems with the SD card on my Surface RT. Microsoft is well aware that many Surface RTs have a hardware problem with the SD connection. The MS support rep I talked to acknowledged this and they promptly sent me a replacement unit. My replacement Surface RT has had absolutely...
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    Pin Office Document to Start?

    Tile a File - I'm trying it out now. Not bad, but it seems to have trouble with Skydrive docs. It's a good start tho. Thanks for the tip!