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    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    I was looking around to find out if there were any forums for people whom like the Surface Pro and RT.....Well, well, well.Lokk what I:big smile: found!
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    Is Surface Pro taken seriously as a tablet?

    I have installed on my SP128: Rosetta Stone Spanish, Photoshop CS5,Office 365,the Steam games work great and dont forget the numerous games from the Google App store. All you need is Blue Stacks!!
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    Hello you guys/gals! I had my Surface Pro Since May and I love it. For the most part I dont feel people are giving the Surface Pro a real chance. Some people are so negative, probably the Apple fans but that ok, we love them too. I have the SP 128with type cover. I will be posting a screen shot...
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    Touch cover, type cover and... WOOD cover

    Thats nice! When can I try one?

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