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    Are you annoyed that the Surface Pro 2 has come out so soon?

    Surface Pro is Microsoft's first ultra-laptop/tablet. Like with any new product created, there will be bugs, issues, and lukewarm specs. With the 2nd generation models, most of the issues will be taken care of, along with a wider selection (more ram, more storage). But notice the SP2 hardware...
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    External Battery Pack Option

    Either your Intocircuit has a bad battery pack inside or it has been used already to begin with. I would contact the eBay seller and have it exchanged.
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    scratch on gorilla glass, with type cover....

    I use a thin lint free cloth in be/w screen and type keyboard. It ensures no scratching of keys on the screen when inside my Incipio case.
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    anyone else not like the touch type cover? let me count the way but....

    It all depends on one's preference. I like the thinness of the touch cover but end up buying the type cover because of the feedback on the keys.
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    Throttlestop - running your Surface Pro maxxed out...

    Does Microsoft Complete Care cover blown SP? I find the i5 is fast enough. Increasing the speed will only heat up the unit faster and the fan may not keep up (as it struggles now). I like the option to slow down the speed to converse power and increase battery life (even though I get about 6-7...
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    Warranty and best buy

    I purchased my SP128 and complete care (99 CDN) from Microsoft store and it covers all faults; both manufacture and mine. Plus, two full complete unit exchanges during the two years. I have purchased Best Buy's warranty (based on the hardware price) for my Nexus and headphones, they only extend...
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    External Battery Pack Option

    Thanks Russ! I will order a set from Mike instead of purchasing/carrying another battery pack just for the Surface Pro. I use the XP18000A for my ThinkPad X61T and still carry them both nowadays.
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    External Battery Pack Option

    Has anyone purchased MCT's Surface cable (29.99) and connected to the Energizer XP18000A battery pack? Mike said as long the output is 12V and it has 5.5mm x 2.5mm male jack, it should work. Anyone can confirm this works?
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    scratch on gorilla glass, with type cover....

    Have you dropped the pen? If so, the tip maybe damaged and causing scratch on the screen. The odd thing is both scratches are in the same area on two different SP. Even though I know the glass is scratch resistance and have the 2 year protection plan, I fear the type cover scratching the...
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    Antivirus for Surface Pro

    I have been using Norton Internet Security for 10 years now and never got hit once with a virus. I know I know, it is a resource hog. But I am happy with it.
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    After using my ThinkPad X61 Tablet for 7 years (still running smoothly with Windows 7 Ent), I want a smaller form factor which I can carry everywhere I go all the time while still keeping a full Windows platform for truly mobile computing. I still carry my iPad2 for games, videos, and quick...
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    Surface Tips

    Thanks mlknez! Tip #2 will come in handy when creating SDXC cards for specific applications; ie: Adobe Master Collection card.
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    Try this if you have Limited Connectivity issues

    Have you tried updating the Marvell AVASTAR driver? Somehow Windows update doesn't detect a new update for this hardware. I updated it and now able to connect to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus without limited connectivity anymore.
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    Surface Pro WiFi Latency

    Thanks johnwalk. I updated the Marvel driver and now can tether my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (aOS 4.2.2). Before the update, I was getting limited connection.
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    Ghost Armor Full Body protector

    Arizona, if you purchased at the kiosk, they will install everything in 20 minutes (included into the price).

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