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    Surface Pro 3 - best computer I've owned

    I love the SP3. I still use it, but have since gotten a Macbook Air 2014 that I relegated as my main machine. I use the SP3 now more portable, like an iPad. I've had it for about 2.5 years now and love it. Still has a great screen and while the fans turn on and the back gets hot, I still get a...
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    Surface Pro 3/4 Dock (brick): Worth it?

    I am in need of a dock that has ethernet and multiple monitor outputs (2 monitors). Doesn't have to be 4K or even greater than 1080p. I hear mixed reviews on the Surface Pro dock. Is it worth getting and has anyone had no problems with it?
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    My Review

    I've had my SP3 for 1.5 years (2 years in April 2017) and I love it! Haven't had any hardware issues to speak of (besides the MicroSD sometimes unmounting at times). I have my 6.5 year old laptop that I use for work and that's still kicking as well. I guess I just have good luck with electronics.
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    Worst battery powered device ever, my SP3...

    I got around 4.5.-5 hours. No where near the 8+ hours people on this forum claim, unless they have BT/Wifi disabled and the screen brightness all the way down.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    Now it's showing 0.0% wear. This is based off of Battery Bar Pro. Even when I generated a battery report using: powercfg /batteryreport At command prompt, it shows that the capacity went back up (normal) in the last few months. I don't get it.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    As of today, my battery wear is back down to 4.9% (40,098 of 42,157 mWh). Weird!
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    I am now at 6.8% battery wear.
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    I5 or i7 for lightroom/little games? It's true the throttling problem?

    5.5 hours is standard for SP4. Even SP3 gets the same battery life. Battery hasn't really changed in real world use for a while.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    I have discharged the battery once a month and the wear still happened on the SP3. I can see where exactly it occurred. Started around March/April of this year, so roughly 1.5 years since it was purchased. September 2014, it was registered. I bought it used in April 2015, so I've had it over a...
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    FS:Brand New Sealed Surface Book: i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB Ram, dGPU

    I would just put it on Ebay or sell locally. Since you are a new user, it's a huge gamble.
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    Dolphin Emulator settings for SP3?

    I tried Skyward Sword and kept getting garbled audio.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    I don't really care anymore, since my 1 year warranty ended September 2015, and I bought it used to begin with, in April 2015.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    Mine appears to only charge up to 97.2% and has degraded a few percentages in the last 4 months. Not a huge deal, and in real world uses, it seems to only have decreased battery time by 25 minutes.
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    Installed batteries Information about each currently installed battery BATTERY 1 NAME X883815 MANUFACTURER LGC-LGC SERIAL NUMBER 1156716804 CHEMISTRY LION DESIGN CAPACITY 42,157 mWh FULL CHARGE CAPACITY 39,877 mWh CYCLE COUNT 204 How to Generate a Battery Health Report on Windows 8 or Windows 10
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    Battery Wearing for a year

    How do I check what battery you have (brand) and how many cycles? I've had mine since May 2015 (and by then it was already 9 months old (1 year warranty expired September 2015) I use battery bar for % reporting, and it shows 5.4% wear, though I usually always keep it plugged in and sometimes...