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    Build 10122 - Issues with Surface going into sleep constantly

    Anyone else having issues or know of a bug with build 10122 where your surface will go into a semi-sleep mode upon screen off timer? It does not appear to be a full sleep mode as usb devices are still enabled and active, it immediately wakes up to the login screen as soon as you touch the...
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    Android Bootable USB

    Secure boot would also likely need to be disabled for this to work.
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    arc mouse scroll bar not consistent on sp2

    The touch sensor sometimes stops working a little for me as well on the arc mouse. I found that if I turn it off and on (collapse the mouse and re-form it) it will reset and work perfectly again for X amount of time. A lighter touch on the sensor vs. a hard full finger press on it seems to...
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    Key on Type Keyboard Stopped Working

    I would say just return/replace it, there are no software settings that will resolve a faulty key. Hopefully the new one will not have any issues for you.
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    Active cooling will have the system activate the cooling fans as needed (assuming the driver structure is there to allow windows control this and not hardware only controlled through BIOS/UEFI). Passive will not allow the fans to kick on at all, will just have heat dissipate through the...
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    External Monitor - Changing Size of All Items CONSTANTLY?

    Other laptops may not have been running DPI scaling on the internal monitor so would not have been an issue. The surface uses it because of the high resolution coupled with a small screen makes text very tiny, so you have to use DPI scaling to have it be at a reasonable size.
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    Is There a Way to Disable Part of Touch Screen?

    Would have to write it into the drivers itself to make an adjustment like that, so guessing nothing exists to do what you are requesting sadly.
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    Indexing is typically recommended to be disabled with SSDs actually.
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    Did you save the settings as a profile?
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    Choosing a Surface

    Your post leaves alot to be desired in explaining things, but from the gist of it it sounds like you will need to go the Surface Pro route if you want to do video conversion and have google chromecast. The RT does not have google chrome available, so cannot support chromecast. It also only has...
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    Photoshop 2014 Scaling on Surface Pro 3

    Looking forward to it!
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    Postponing Gratification....

    Mix of general users lack of understanding about computers mixed with the advertising from MS showing this as a do-all machine. Entirely un-surprised about it, been this way for quite some time with various laptop releases and such, and even the IPAD which people buy thinking it will be an...
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    device encryption

    If it is a guest account, then no, they cannot see the files, they are limited to their profile.
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    I understand that the 15w TDP is the limit for both the i5 and i7 chips used here, and that it relevant in the discussion. However, that does not mean the cooling solution being used to dissipate that 15w is up to the task with the design implementation, especially extended period usage. This...
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    [Rumor] Microsoft Considering Free Windows 9 Upgrade for XP, Vista and Windows 7 Users

    Wonder if it would perhaps be something like the starter version of Windows 7, have to pay to upgrade the features and support. Would be an interesting concept.

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