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    Just finished installing latest updates and got my first blue screen of death

    After crashing and rebooting, I continued with the updates then when it was applying the updates after rebooting, it displayed a temperature guage then shut down. I think it overheated. Good thing it was able to continue applying the updates after I let it cool down and powered it back on...
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    I think my PRO just overheated.

    On the 2nd time my PRO rebooted after applying today's updates, it displayed a temperature guage on the boot screen and shut itself down. I think my device just over-heated while applying today's updates! That may explain the blue screen immediately after the first reboot. I guess this is a Gen...
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    Just finished installing latest updates and got my first blue screen of death

    So immediately after reboot, I got my first blue screen. Good #!@(.@!@ job MS! Lol. :p
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    My color calibration profile for my surface pro.

    I am sharing my display color calibration profile to anyone who is interested. Here is the link to download it. I have created this color profile using ColorMunki Display.
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    Advanced replacement turnaround time?

    Well what do you know. MS has finally shipped my replacement after I called earlier today and discovered that they have not even entered my order 3 days after they were supposed to have done it!! I guess I should have called earlier.
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    Advanced replacement turnaround time?

    Count me in as another disappointed customer who got suckered into an "advanced exchange" option. I checked on the status of my order today because I have yet to received a shipping noticed (they promised to ship the replacement in 24 to 48 hours) and guess what? They have not entered my...
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    Anyone that has a Surface Pro PLEASE help me!

    Here is a list of drivers for the PRO [ Index of / ]
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    Surface Pro issues - day 1

    My advise is to exchange yours immediately. I had issues with my PRO on day one too and it turned out to be a pretty big hardware issue. The SSD failed after 14 days!!
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    To PRO owners who are stuck on the UEFI settings screen and can't boot. FYI

    I can confirm now that my issue is due to a drive failure. I managed to "tricked" my bricked surface pro into booting into a recovery USB flash drive that I created from my Win 8 desktop. To boot to usb, press and hold the volume down button and release as soon as you see the Surface logo...
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    Bum Pro?

    I am in the same predicament as you are. I can't reset mine either before shipping it back to MS :(
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    Bum Pro?

    Hi Souldier, I'm a Flip too :-) QUOTE=souldier;19050]@jomon Yup. Full blooded tagalog
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    Bum Pro?

    Hi Cike, Chat with MS support and ask for an exchange. They have this "advanced exchange" option where they will get you the new device and put a temporary hold on your credit card. Once you receive your new device you then ship your old one and when they receive your old device, they remove...
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    Bum Pro?

    Yeah, MS support has always been excellent. Can't say the same about Google's pathetic or non existent support. BTW souldier, are you Pinoy?
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    Bum Pro?

    Hi Cike, Just finished a support call with MS on my PRO. Long story short, they asked me to try a bunch of things but my PRO refuses to boot past the UEFI/bios screen so they faciliated a priority exchange for me. They promised to get me a new one within 3 to 5 business days. I'm bummed out...
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    Bum Pro?

    Hi, How do you do the shift F8 with the touch cover?

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