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    Confused Between SP4 or SB, some questions.. (For a designer)

    We have a Microsoft consultant on-site who had a pre-release SP4 and then a pre-release SB. I was talking to him a couple weeks back about his experience, as I was trying to decide between SP4 and SB. He said, "The SB is a laptop that can sometimes act like a tablet. The SP4 is a tablet that...
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    Official I received my Surface Pro 4

    Picked up an i7/16/265 at WorstPurchase today. Online they showed none in stock until next week, but I was headed that way and figured I'd check out the display model to help with the decision. Turns out they had one (the one I thought I wanted) in stock, despite their online inventory systems...
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    Solved Pro 3: Undo in OneNote

    Would the SD card count as removable?
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    Skype doesn't sync

    I have the Skype MUI app running on my SP2 almost constantly. I do get the popup notifications when I'm in the desktop, and the little Skype icon shows on the bottom of the lock screen if I have new messages. The only issue I've had with it is that it sometimes takes a while to get new messages...
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    I played Tropico 4 and now Tropic 5 on my SP2 i5/8/256 with zero problems and with much enjoyment. I purchased via Steam. I don't know if touch or stylus work (suspect not), as I've never tried (I have one of those Logitech ultra thin mouses...mice?).
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    Are bank underwriters incredibly dense or just stupid?

    "Do you have a smartphone?" "Yes, but I.." "Do you ever install apps? Like maybe the Facebook app?" "Well, yes, but I.." "I develop...create and market...apps like the Facebook app. My apps aren't free like the Facebook app, though. Mine cost money if you want to install them. You have to pay...
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    What are the best games on SP3

    I play both of those and "This War of Mine" on my SP2 (i5/8/256) with no issues. It's great for meetings. <shhh>
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    Microsoft Offering Lumia 830 and Fitbit Package Deal

    They did? What does that mean for Fitbit users?
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    Why is it so difficult to highlight text and copy?

    Pinch to zoom, then select and expand the selection?
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    Finger-style Stylus?

    If you touch and hold it takes a second or so for the selection bubble to pop up. It may be just me, but I swear if I touch and immediately drag up, the bubble comes as soon as I hit the edge of the on-screen key.
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    New iphone owner - how do you integrate with the Surface Pro 3

    It is interesting to me to see so many people jumping on iPhone, as I'm considering going the other way. I have a work-provided iPhone 5 and while I do get calendar and email just fine, that's about all I use the phone for (well, iMessages and SMS texting, too). The camera on the iPhone is...
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    Is it difficult to apply the screen protector?

    I bought the Incipio security/privacy screen protector for my SP2 and it went on super easy. Make sure you have completed cleaned all dust, smears, finger prints or whatever off the screen. Like, super spotless. When I applied mine I peeled back the film from about 1/3 (starting on the left...
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    OneNote very annoying

    Desktop OneNote or MUA? On desktop, there's a button up along the top (by the blue disk icon) that lets you switch between mouse mode and touch mode. Not sure if that would make a difference in the keyboard popping up. I don't recall it being an issue, but perhaps it is and I'm just blocking it...
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    Solved How to only ink with pen in Word/Office

    Have you played with Gemini? I'm wondering if the metro apps offer the same functionality as the current O2013 desktop apps. I've formed the impression that the current metro OneNote is gimped compared to the desktop version, so I stay away from the metro UI.
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    Solved Word downloads file every time I open it

    Go offline before opening the file?

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