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    Voice to text in native screen keyboard?

    you may want to download and install the WSRMacros which would allow you to create your own Macros Download Windows Speech Recognition Macros from Official Microsoft Download Center and the profile tool which will allow you to backup and restore your speech profile should you have to reload...
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    Voice to text in native screen keyboard?

    I use the built in Speech Recognition, you do have to make sure your cursor is in the right place but it seems to work fine for me, I copied my speech profile from my windows 7 machine and its all good a little re-training because with the surface i'm using the built in mic and not my wireless...
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    Is there a App that will let me access the Music on my Windows home server?

    I like to find something other than WMP
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    Is there an app that lets you read Kindle Books

    The Book Bazaar Reader will read kindle books - I've loaded it and it works fine

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