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    Youtube shortcuts in tablet mode

    i did pay for mytube, but i find myTube Beta better. The beta version kinda performs like the android app version, including a floating player when you go back to browse videos.
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    Youtube shortcuts in tablet mode

    mytube beta is a better bet. The controls and features are great and it's free. Sometimes a little pop asking for donations comes on when loading, but thats only at the beginning. Get myTube Beta - Microsoft Store en-IN edit: it'll ask for EN version when you click it no worries
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    Getting a Surface Pro 2! Hopefully

    I have the 512 model. I preordered mine 2nd day of preorders and I just got it Wednesday. So its out there just didn't make many apparently
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    post your surface internet speeds!

    I got this: Surface Pro 2 plugged in, when not plugged in, it goes down to 35-40 speed
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    Has anyone received a 512Gb Surface Pro 2

    I got my shipping tracking number from Best Buy yesterday, it's scheduled to arrive 11/6. I preordered mine from Best Buy day 2 of the pre-order announcements.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    hate you guys who got it(not really hate, but so jealous!) Anyways, those who preordered from BestBuy, I just got off chat with them, and they are backordered until 11/01/2013. I guess preordering as early as a day after announcement is not good enough these days.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    Any you guys pre-order from BestBuy? I pre-ordered mine in BestBuy online and woke up this morning to "backordered" with no date. Which sux 'cause i pre-ordered 9/25/2013.
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    spot the Surface!

    Funny thing, decided to watch the anime Gatchaman Crowds and look what i found!
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    Its paranoia. So when the Surface first came out, I had a bad experience of driving the tri-state area until I can find one in stock and that was the week after(i think i don't remember if i got it the same weekend of launch or the week after)..but I didn't preorder then. It'll probably not go...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    My oh my, I hit the purchase button and pre-ordered a 512gb version with 8gb of ram with BestBuy. I'm plead insanity for spending that much but I'm looking forward to it. Right now i have a sp1 128gb and travel for work every week. Played GW2 and FFXIV on SP1 and its not amazing, but playable...
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    Problem caused by my Surface Pro

    HAHAH yea at work yesterday, I wanted to scroll down on my word doc and started swiping my screen lol. Then I preordered this
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    128 gb micro sd card

    Does an Micro SD card exist in 128gb yet? I searched and haven't seen one.
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    mastering the touchcover?

    I was troubled at first too. Well, after a week I have gotten use to it. What helped me get use to it though was gaming basically. After a couple hours of Team Fortress 2 just to get my fingers and positioning familiar with awsd keys. shift. and space, it started coming more naturally. It...
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    New Surface Pro Owner from NY!

    Hi all! Just picked up my Surface Pro 128gb 2 days ago at the Microsoft Store at The Westchester in NY and loving it! I hope to learn some good tips and good information as so far I am loving this device! Nice to meet you all!

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