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  • ....site but this particular image is nowhere to be found. One Bing result gives a torrent link but that doesn't download -0%.

    Please reply at my email id given below
    Don't know what to do. Will it be possible for you to upload it so that I can download it from there? I know that is asking for too much coz 7GB upload is really going to take time and effort on your part. If you can, please suggest some other methods. I searched using various serach engines and even scourged different torrent...
    I generated the download again because when I clicked the one I had sent earlier- it opened a webpage with the error 'Bad Request'. On generating the download link again it generated a slightly different link (on comparing both) but with the same error :-(
    Just like you said, I too am not sure how long it will last. Request you to send me an email (just requesting, you are of course not obliged) as soon as you generate the download link so that I can immediately start the download on my laptop.

    email: [email protected]
    Like I said I will provide my serial no. (on your email) BEFORE you return the favour. You can go to the Microsoft's website and verify that it is downloading the Windows 10 image. Only after verifying it you can share yours' with me
    my email id is [email protected]

    Kindly reply at this email to further this communication. I am from India. Do let me know if can return back the favour in anyway.


    Please continue the conversation at my email id as I don't want the mods to have any issue with us.
    All I am asking is to share the serial no. of your surface so that I can download the surface 8 reocvery image. In exchange I will provide the serial number of my Surface 3 BEFORE you do the same- just so that you can trust me. That way I believe you will be comfortable in sharing your serial no. with a 'stranger'. I don't think any harm is possible in doing that
    Now dear friend please understand that I am in the same boat that you were in a few months ago- just that you wanted to upgrade and I want to downgrade. I have tried talking to Microsoft support 3 times yet and still haven't been able to convince them to give me a direct link to Win 8.1 recovery image (hell, Nobody can make them do that. They want everybody to stay on Windows 10).
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