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    Surface Pro 2 Case

    I use the SkyTab case. It has awesome shock protection and even includes a nifty handle. SkyTab: Deluxe Black Hard Shell Case with Zipper for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface
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    Micro SD card issues

    Just wanted to chime in and say that this happens to a bunch of us including myself. You can check the previous thread here: I'm fairly certain it's an issue with the Surface rather than our micro SD cards...
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    December Firmware update crippled USB port?

    In addition to the battery charging issues that others are experiencing with this newest firmware update, has anybody experienced decreased USB 3.0 performance from the Surface Pro 2? Prior to update, my tablet was masterful at multi-tasking. Connected to my USB port was a Plugable 10-port USB...
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    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    Awesome! Glad to hear that. I'll be using it on my Pro 2. Thanks =)
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    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    Thanks for the product reference! I saw it on amazon with average reviews so wanted to ask you something. In your experience, if I were to stream 1080p movies, would it play as smooth as if I plugged it into the tv via mini-displayport?
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    DEAD SPACE on SP2 with Touch screen controls

    Sweet, I was actually looking to purchase the gestureworks software but wasn't sure if it was worth it. Thanks for the video, looking forward to seeing more! Maybe have some clips of more action-oriented scenes.
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    microsd card problem

    Hm... my Sandisk 64gb MicrosdXC actually has been doing this occasionally too =/ The weird thing is that it worked perfectly fine in my other sony laptop. It's happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I just have to pop it back out and put it in. Not sure what is causing it. I'll try other micro...
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    Finally: Daisy-Chaining Monitors With DisplayPort 1.2!

    I'm using mine primarily for work. I need reference monitors when coding, writing reports, and using spreadsheets. I've actually been trying to test the SP2's power and it's fantastic for me. My test used one monitor to display gauges (temp+cpu+ram), a 2nd monitor to play a 1080p YouTube video...
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    Finally: Daisy-Chaining Monitors With DisplayPort 1.2!

    Awesome! Glad to hear your DP chaining works well. I'm actually just using a USB video out adapter + DP for my setup. I agree that there isn't a noticeable degradation in quality from the USB video which s awesome. It's even connected to USB hub that is powering an external dvd burner, 1TB HDD...
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    Surface Pro 2 Charger Port Scratches

    Oh sweet thanks for that! I had completely forgot about decals
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    Surface Pro 2 Charger Port Scratches

    Haha I just created an account to reply to this. Unfortunately, I have a minor scratch above the charge port. I wasn't rough with it, but it's just a bit difficult to get the right angle. It was right after I opened it too .... :p But after me yelling and crying, I said whatever bc I don't...

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