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    Decided to wait for the Surface Pro 2

    Loved the "re-surface" comment. Made my day.
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    Write to Type, purpose?

    Gee, I have started using it quite a bit. Especially in meetings writing comments on open Word docs. It is really a valuable process much like I used to do on paper agendas, etc. I do have to make sure my printing is clear to make use of the notes later but I am blessed with nice handwriting...
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    Surface Pro Firmware Update Issues

    Geez, reading this compilation was like a cliff hanger novel! Take away, re-boot, re-boot, re-boot with time in between as necessary.
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    Just finished installing latest updates and got my first blue screen of death

    Guess it would be necessary to break them down in separate groups instead of all at once... Find out tonight...
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    Surface Pro - how many recharge cycles prior to significant battery degradation?

    I take it to mean that even if you run on AC via the adapter and run an occasional on battery session the BLC will be averaged out over the life of the Li-Ion battery and the device. Of course it is not a bell shaped curve and will no doubt drop drastically at any given point in the total life...
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    My experience with the Microsoft Online Store Shipping and Customer Support

    Wowwww...I guess if it was me I would ask for an escalation up the chain to a grand (over-master) manager! When my unit arrived I thought to myself...hmmm, not much packing tape used for these slim boxes.
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    Orange tint to cameras?

    Greenish tint there Arnold!
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    Surface Pro - how many recharge cycles prior to significant battery degradation?

    Here is an example: Laptop X, 27 mo. old, battery load cycles 18, design capacity 6700 mAh, current capacity (after 27 mo.) is now 6295 mAh or a retention of 94% of original capacity. 6% in 27 months, not very much...
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    PLEASE tell me this is not common ==> my vapor mag chips and scratches at will

    That looks like the result of a "coating" that is flaking off the base material. I thought this stuff was a solid material? Sure looks like it was coated as in a spray on. That would be kind of a flaky and cheap manufacturing process...and I hope it is not true.
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    Big scratches on my outer Surface casing. Possible fixes?

    Wow, I am impressed! That looks OEM! Hmmm, more chee-chee...
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    Surface won't turn. Return or Refurbish

    I feel for you. If it was me, I would just trust in the process and do the RMA. Have another computer you could use in the interim? I just can't see them swapping out a known DOA for a refurb. As we all know doing a refurb job on one of these would not be cost effective based upon the...
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    Incipio Microsoft Screen Protector

    I found the darn Incipio thing to be a dust magnet during install and most of that was on the side that was to be facing the glass. Finally gave up. PITA. I like protectors but have just been too lazy to find another that was fussy proof during install. If you go for the install it has to be...
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    Surface Pro issues - day 1

    The other option would be to TURN OFF the Pro by going from the Metro desktop to the right side options screen, Settings, Power and Shut Down. As the Pro boots in less than ten seconds this is actually a smarter way to make sure the system is really off and no battery leakage is happening.
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    New here - and have a Office 2013 issue.

    I had to uninstall the trial version on my Pro before I could get the d/l app to actually bring down the Office app. The MS web system actually prompted this. Once I did this and re-ran the install it was fine.
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    Complaints with the Surface Pro

    Another option is to put a screen cleaning / buffer cloth (Radtech or similar) Under the Pro when you set it up. This works really well for me and it reminds me to grab that cloth and put it back for use between the screen and the keyboard when transporting the unit.