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    SP X temperature?

    Does yours get past "Warm" Jnjroach? my ipad never gets uncomfortable.
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    SP X temperature?

    Ok, yes, you are good to go with the X. I am ditching my ipad for an X early next year too. I am suck with an iPhone for another two years, went against my better judgement. ha ha.
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    SP X temperature?

    Yes, the X will not get as warm as the pro for sure. Just remember not all software works with the X. Only arm and 32bit x86 software from the MS store.
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    SP X temperature?

    I would say ipad pro is really close. My ipad heats up at times, but it's when it's hanging on some garbage app.
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    Surface Pro X Not Running Games Please Help!

    Rocket League is only for X86 IMO. therefore it wont run on the device yet. I think both minecraft and R.L. are 64bit which the surface X does not emulate yet. it's coming but for now it's a no go. I think early in the new year the 64bit emulation will be released in an update.
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    My First Twelve Hours with the Duo

    As an aside of the iPhone as well, I wish microsoft would implement more connectivity into YOUR PHONE for iPhone. If dell can do it with mobile connect, I am sure Microsoft could do it as well but with more reliable results.
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    Samsung phone and Pro X users. How's your phone working?

    Well, I could not do the samsung phone. I just did not like the device overall. Got 2 new iPhone 11's. One black, one lilac for the wife. Just to fluid to leave.
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    Surface Book 3 - Microsoft Build Virtual Event Unboxing for Developers

    Can you send him a message and tell Panos to create a surface studio monitor? thanks! ha ha ha.
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    Brand new SB3 and no 2004 update available yet?

    You can force install it. I do with my dells all the time. Just goto MS website and install the update installer.
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    My First Twelve Hours with the Duo

    I think im getting one of these for my work phone. I need iphone because every member in my family uses iphone and we use facetime etc ALOT. This duo however, will be a great device for running my businesses.
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    Anyone know of any 2020 pro x reviews out there?

    I am wondering how the new pro x runs compared to the previous edition. I am anxiously awaiting this. I am getting ready to move my ipad to my son, and pick up a new Pro X for me.
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    Cracked Glass

    They need to build version 2 out of aluminum. Stay with the surface design all the way. Glass on the back of devices is NOT good, just use aluminum or good quality polycarbonate like my 1020 was made out of. That was tuff as nails and felt premium.
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    Smartwatch Recommendation?

    Ticwatch and amazifit are two very nice options. As are most any of the wearOS based watches.
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    New pro X incoming.

    Well we know it's now coming in a platinum color, with a new SQ2 chip. I like the lighter color for some reason. I am getting one of these to replace my 5th gen Ipad ASAP. Apple is getting really stale with me lately. Just need something more than icons as an OS. I love using my Dell 2 in...
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    Samsung phone and Pro X users. How's your phone working?

    OK. Good to know. I am trying to get apple like functionality from my windows devices.

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