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    SP4 Pen on SP3. Anyone try it out?

    Well it's priced the same as Wacom's Pens for it's drawing tablets. I won't be getting the new pen or the SP4 because the pen only has 1 button. It's a deal breaker for a lot of artists, especially in visual effects. We need 2 buttons to map Right Mouse Button and Middle Mouse Button to the pen.
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    High CPU usage, Fan Blasting (Service Host?)

    After a couple of weeks I can say that my High CPU / Heat issue is fixed. Using the fix above my system is running smoothly and cool.
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    You could have had the one without the Nvidia GPU, the lowest end Book will not have the Nvidia GPU.
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    Not necessarily, my laptop has a Geforce GTX 660, and after a clean install, Windows Update installed the latest Microsfot Certified Nvidia drivers, with control panel. I can't imagine that Microsoft wrote their own driver for the Nvidia GPU. They never have in the past.
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    When there is an Nvidia GPU, right clicking on the desktop gives you the option to open the Nvidia Control Panel, which will have Clocks, Cuda Cores, and Memory information. Like this:
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    So many people posting here that they had a chance to play with one at their local store, why didn't anyone think to right click on the desktop and click on properties to see which GPU is in the BOOK??? If I had a chance to play with one that's the first thing I would do.
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    I can't find anything that says it will work. Some mention of a new improved Dock, but will the old one work? They old keyboards will work... I have a dock for my current SP3, considering upgrading to i7, 8gb, 256gb SP4 and need to know if dock will work.
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    High CPU usage, Fan Blasting (Service Host?)

    I read that after some Windows Updates, some kind of .NET Service will run and use up a lot of CPU "unpacking" some things. I noticed this myself after updating my SP3 last night and turning it on this morning. Eventually the .NET service stopped what it was doing and all back to normal.
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    High CPU usage, Fan Blasting (Service Host?)

    You know, it didn't give a breakdown of each task under Service Host. But I think I fixed it. Been googling for a long time and found on another forum that it might be the ProgramDataUpdater. Setting it to "1 Minute" seems to have resolved it for now. I'll see how it goes.
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    Surface pro 3 Password

    Weird, picture login is what I use on all my computers and it never once failed.
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    High CPU usage, Fan Blasting (Service Host?)

    Noticed recently that my SP3 i7 256gb has been running hot and fan blasting all the time. Checked task manager and this is what I found, 20 minutes after rebooting and not using the surface: Service Host: Local Service (No Network) (4) Base Filtering Engine CoreMessaging Diagnostic...
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    totally ripped off

    You have to be vigilant. I had an issue with my SP3 where they sent me a broken unit as replacement. I sent it back, but they thought I still had it, took weeks to sort it out, but it only got sorted because I called nearly everyday until I spoke to someone from the Special Care team, which is...
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    Am I the only one missing the old Win 8.1 Metro Start Screen?

    I really really do not like the new start screen. When in tablet mode, It is not convenient for me to have to open the side scroll app window and scroll through to find the app I want. I really liked the grid app screen in win 8.1. Also, while I do like tablet mode sometimes, I still want to...
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    I have a good excuse not to buy an SP3

    If you have doubts, Don't get one. If you have doubts about price, diffidently don't get one. With every little incident, you'll just think how expensive it was probably not worth it. I think of the SP3 as a luxury item. I love my i7/256gb, but only recommend it to those that can afford it...
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    Drawing/Art Programs

    One of the best right now is Mischief. One of the best features is the "Infinite Canvas". Check it out: It's free or $25 for more features. Also has a trial.

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