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    How do I stop this

    You have verified your account, right? I had that issue once and it went away after I verified my account, again, but it wanted to do it by sending me a text message.
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    Windows wallpapers on cloud but not synced?

    Is it possible to have my windows wallpapers pull from my OneDrive but not sync them? I would think no but it's always worth asking and always looking to save room on my SP3 since I only have 64GB, currently have OneDrive on my micro sd but its also only 64GB. Again I think I know the answer...
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    Any news on customizable pen buttons?

    Sorry don't use tablet mode so never ran into that issue.
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    Any news on customizable pen buttons?

    I have been using autohotkey and this script for a while, posted few different places. Open notebook, copy red text below, paste in notepad, save notepad document with an .ahk extension to desktop, run shell:startup, and move file to window the run command opened. #F20:: IfWinNotExist, OneNote...
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    Your issue isn't with MS it's with BestBuy... How long have you had your SP3? How long has it been getting too hot?
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    Start Menu and Action Center not working

    Just noticed after using the last command these popped up They won't open and I can't uninstall them. Anyone else run into this? lol still trying to avoid reinstalling Window....
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    Start Menu and Action Center not working

    And neither worked. so I might have to reinstall Windows, yay...
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    Start Menu and Action Center not working

    Did that using powershell and it found errors and said it could not fix them. I then tried running this Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} Haven't had a chance to see if it is working or not. Either I...
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    Start Menu and Action Center not working

    Sorry if this was already brought up, I did a search but couldn't find anything. If I leave my desktop running for a while the Start Menu and Action Center buttons stop working. I can't open them with the Windows key on my keyboard or right clicking the Action Center icon. Been right clicking on...
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    VHD stayed after fresh install?!?

    I guess that could explain it, I got nothing else. Pretty cool though. Thanks for the responses, to my totally unimportant inquiry.
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    Airplane mode "on" in notifications while... it is not!

    Had the same issue but turned it on and off then updated and the issue went away.
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    VHD stayed after fresh install?!?

    So, my SP3 was starting to majorly slow down on boot-ups and running programs. So I did a fresh install, removed my SD card while doing it. placed the SD card back in and decided to just try and see if OneDrive would save to it before I reset up the VHD. It did without a problem... No issues at...
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    Black background on folders

    Thank you, both of you. I used CCleaner and it worked. lol have to log into all my websites again but small price to pay.
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    Black background on folders

    I keep getting black backgrounds on folders I found this but I am afraid to use the method since I have a dozen or so icons set to specific ones and worried it would remove those too. Anyone know how to stop this or what causes it?
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    This has to be a hoax

    thank you I didn't think about that.

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