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  • Oh well! I was hesitant on two counts - (1) reinstalling and resetting up everything - which you and others now assure me is not a problem; (2) Can't afford to have my RT pack up on me for whatever reason - it will impact my work heavily - something that I can't afford at the moment. But thanks. I am reading through the thread and will reassess shortly!
    How did you not know?!
    You'll find the link to install in that thread you were linked to.

    You'll keep all your files and setting and such, it's a smooth transition. If you have a spare USB laying around, you should make a Windows 8 backup drive on it. That way, you can delete the Restore Partition, which will be used for extra storage.

    8.1 is still a preview, so it has a few quirks here and there. But if you were avoiding installing it because of setting it all up again, don't worry!!
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