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    Apple friendly CNET give the crown to MS

    ONLY the entire first sentence of my post, and then the second half of the only Other sentence was about CNET, but yeah... nothing else :rolleyes:
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    Apple friendly CNET give the crown to MS

    Agreed. However, this was more of a post about CNET. It's nice to see lower amounts of bias toward competing innovations in technology.
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    Apple friendly CNET give the crown to MS

    iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4 video - CNET Still a bit more forgiving of the failings in the Apple offering in my opinion. A giant smart phone (without the phone part) vs. a more powerful and a fully OS capable device should have resulted in a much more lop-sided score, but hey, it's about as...
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    Screen Protector - Yes or No?

    Exactly! My phone, iPad 3, and SP1 have zero scratches. The 3-year old Samsung phone hangs out in my pocket and school bag pouches with my keys, change, and other miscellaneous metal objects. I use the (now ancient) iPad 3 in the garage and slide it all over the place (the back of it is a...
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    Battery Life on Surface 3

    I just swapped back to 8.1 due to over-heating--the battery drain issue was turning my SP3 into a branding iron. I also couldn't believe how much I missed the left and right swiping function in metro IE. It feels so good to have it back now. Why would MS leave that feature out when developing...
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    Okay I need some serious help with internet connectivity...

    It looks like more than a few are blaming the router (and rightly so for the majority of wireless problems). In order to quickly remove the router as a suspect, simple find another wireless network to test your SP on. If your problem remains, it's either a settings or hardware issue on the...
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    Installing Windows 7

    I would say, return the SP and get this instead: Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US 11.6-Inch Slate (128 GB, Win 7 HP) - Dock and Keyboard Included: Computers & Accessories It is as close to the functionality of the SP (digitizer and all) with Win7 pre-installed.
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    Surface Pro upgrade

    I agree oion. I would never complain about not being offered a trade-in/trade-up deal. It is infinitely better to sell the hardware yourself and collect the 2X + money you receive (above and beyond what a manufacturer would offer) and then go buy your new toy.
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    Surface pro 2 died

    Yes true... If you keep holding it down for prolonged periods it will continue to shut completely down. You will need to press it once (a quick press) after it has reset in order to actually boot it back up.
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    Surface pro 2 died

    I don't know about holding the button down for 10 seconds. I believe you need to hold it 20-30 seconds at least to do a hard reset.
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    Do I keep my new SP2 or return it... Problems --- Could be drivers

    For Solidworks, lower the screen resolution (I have 3 user accounts with different resolution settings to accommodate certain productivity tools, gaming, and entertainment). The Macbook Air has a lower resolution than the native Surface Pro and this will greatly increase the speed of any 3D...
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    Alternatively, you can go to the Windows 8 page at Microsoft and download the update here: Buy Windows - Microsoft Windows I upgraded 8.0 last night on my SP1 and everything went as smooth as butter, even with programs like CS6, Lightwave3D, Office, and Painter X3 installed. I lost nothing...
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    Microsoft seriously considering TRADE-UP program for keyboards...

    Customer service supervisor?? Do you think that level of worker makes the business and marketing decisions for a company the size of Microsoft?? LOL
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    The strange thing about Surface Pro wifi...

    My experience is the exact opposite of yours. I would suggest returning your SP immediately. It is obviously defective. My SP's Wi-Fi massively outperforms my iPad 3's
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    type cover confusion

    I will likely buy the power cover and the dock to go with my SP2.

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