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    Surface Pro 4 Lot Numbers

    #1548 I7/256/16 - no hardware issues
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    Solved Recovery Boot Loop

    Np :-). I hope you will have a lot of fun with your Surface as soon as it works again
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    Solved Recovery Boot Loop

    Go with the 16gb option. Sorry to hear that the download is so slow :-(
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    Solved Recovery Boot Loop

    Your error was to stop the installation process, i don't know why but reinstalling windows 10 takes Ages (took me about 2-3 hours mostly sticking at a fixed percentage rate). To solve the issue I would propose that If you have a second comuputer create a windows 10 bootable usb stick and use...
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    Windows 10586.71 Successfully Landed on SP4

    Works fine for me, so far no issues.
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    Best MicroSD Surface Pro 4

    I use the 200GB SanDisk and it works absoluteky fine with the SP4.
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    Pen stopped working

    Just a dumb thought, did you try to replace the battery ( they also sometimes fail)? An other thought, did you check that the battery is inserted in the right direction?
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    How to activate the Surface Dock Display Port

    It always get stranger. I connected the surface dock via mini dp to dvi adapter and dvi to hdmi adapter to my tv to prove that the dock has an issue but it works fine. Now I'm honestly totally lost on why my monitor won't work unisingvthe dock.
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    How to activate the Surface Dock Display Port

    Thanks for the hint, I ran Windows Update a few times and it states that there are no updates available at the moment. The issue still remains.
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    How to activate the Surface Dock Display Port

    Hi, I'm normally using my old 24" Apple LED Cinema Display without any issues on the Display port directly on my Surface pro 4. Today I got a Surface Dock and it won't work when connected to the display port adapter on the Dock (still working directly on the Surface). I read in the Forum that...

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