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    Warranty - 250 Vs 0

    OK my Surface Pro 2 was my first purchase direct from Microsoft and loved it until i reread the warranty details. You get one year as default and you can then extend for a further year only with Surface complete package for around £250. However, on the Microsoft website for the UK if you want...
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    Media / Videos - Plex / Bluestack

    many thanks for all your feedback so quickly - BlueStack sounds a good possibility so will try that out shortly. The Media Browser3 doesnt have sync yet so very similar to Plex. I'll be interested to see which company can develop that the best and will use that one. Also check out PowerDVD...
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    Media / Videos - Plex / Bluestack

    I am switching from an Ipad to a surface pro2. I want to be able to play casual entertainment but also have a proper full PCs for work and learning (Hyper-V VMs). Basically got bored of 60 pence games. I used the Ipad for reading Kindle books, playing videos, (90% of time) and causal gaming...

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