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    Depth of SD Card slot

    I was looking forward to a full depth SD card slot. Unfortunately its not. It's about 2/3 SD size. We can definitely use an adapter for the uSD cards, but this limits the capacity. Only 200GB available now. Whereas full size SD come in much bigger capacities. :-( and are typically cheaper...
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    Type cover waking SP3 in bag...

    I have had the same issues. I am pretty sure that the problem is a very sensitive power button. Any slight movement in the pouch can activate the button. Then unit turns on. This may happen a few times during transit. Have not found a solution yet :-(
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    Alarm Clock

    Thanks. How did you manage to separate the screen off and have it stay in connected standby. Usually it is Screen off = Sleep In the old days, you could tell PC - turn of screen after X minutes, NEVER sleep. I cannot find a way to do this in the SP3.
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    Alarm Clock

    Well after trying these suggestions, it appears to me there is no answer? Did I miss something? I do not want the display on all night....even if its running a screen saver.
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    Alarm Clock

    I have prodded in this forum and other places on the web, but could not find assistance. I want to set up the SP3 alarm clock, and have it ring to wake me up in the morning. I have tried with the unit plugged into AC, and on battery power. In both cases, it seems the SP3 is shutting down. I...
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    Click and drag using surface pen

    Ok, how about select multiple files using pen. normally using SHIFT-left button on mouse. How about emulating CTRL-left button on mouse. selecting files individual files.
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    Format for 128GB microSD card - exFAT?

    I have found hard way that an SD card formatted with exFat on my iMac IS NOT the same as SD formatted on my windows machine. So i have gone back and formatted my USB drives using my windows PC. Formatting on Mac creates issues, and sometimes my windows machine cannot read it.
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    Yes, but the issue is that I dont have a windows 8.1 disk. I installed 8.0 then did the upgrade to 8.1. So I do not have disc for 8.1 :-(
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    They key though is that once the SP3 makes the recovery disk, everything is written over. So if it was bootable, its no longer. So somehow the making recovery disk program within windows needs to make the drive bootable.
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    No, only 1 partition.
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    I have 2 different sandisk brand. I have tried 16GB, and 32GB. I also have 64GB uSD card i put into a USB adapter. None of these boot up the SP3
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    Thanks. If one is to make a bootable USB, when using the make recovery disk function in windows, it reformats the USB (FAT32) but its no longer bootable. :-(
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    When i go through the process on the i5 to create a recovery USB drive it does so successfully. ~~~ however ~~~ It is not a bootable USB drive. When I instruct i5 to boot from USB device (it must boot this way in order to clear and re-install on drive C. It will not :-( So at that point...
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    On my original i5, I have tried restoring my image onto the same machine and always mess it up as when I tell it to refresh, it asks for a recovery disk. Once I create this image backup, it seems to mess up the going back to factory settings. While making the image I DO NOT tell it to remove...
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    i7 appears to be shipping

    My son dropped his Surface 1 RT which he has had for almost 1 year, and cracked the corner of the screen. He was able to get it replaced and upgrade to Surface 2 for minimal cost. So it seems to be a good plan.

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