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    [Solved] Surface won't turn on..

    Thank you! I'm sure I will. I just need to pick up a pink touch cover (I have the black but think I would love the pink) and then I'm set to show it off for fashion week (and hopefully get some work done as well, ha)! Thanks again, guys.
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    [Solved] Surface won't turn on..

    WOW. So glad I wrote on here as I wasn't going to, figuring I'd have to send it back regardless. I did position the charger in correctly each time as I've charged it a few times before so was aware how it worked (had it before xmas), however I moved the charger to a different plug socket and...
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    [Solved] Surface won't turn on..

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but my surface will not turn on as of the last few days. I don't use it daily, I hadn't used it for a few days and went to switch it on and nothing. I thought maybe the battery was dead so it needed a charge, after a few mins of charging I tried again...
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    Any Surface RT Exchange deals?

    I bought my RT in the middle of December, I was going to send it back under warranty anyway because it had a dead pixel but am now tempted with asking to upgrade to a pro (my RT has suddenly become really sluggish as well?). However, as handy as that pen with the pro would be, you don't get...
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    Video Editing Software or App That Uploads to YouTube

    Installing now.. Will check it out. ;)
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    Video Editing Software or App That Uploads to YouTube

    I used it via EI10. When you're given the option to search files to upload videos, any made by ArcSoft won't show. And, I might be wrong, but I can't find a way of transferring my ArcSoft productions over to my video folder.. AHHH.. Okay, have just checked right this second and it appears the...
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    Video Editing Software or App That Uploads to YouTube

    Hi, So I attempted some video editing today via ArcSoft Showbiz, which went fine despite the limited functions (is the premium version of it better with more functions other than higher video quality?). Unfortunately, one of my main reasons for making videos is uploading to YouTube, it's...
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    Buying from eBay...

    Just thought I'd update here about my ebay purchase of the Surface, I just checked by registering it and it's under warranty till March 2014. So, in my case, it was a good option and definitely worth the saving! :)
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    Skullcandy offer very sound actually, definitely better than you'll find with iphone in-ear buds or Beats. I have three pairs of their over ear sets but my favourites are the Aviators. :)
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    One man's surface RT experience journal

    I have the same touch cover probs - but in fairness I seldom use it as I haven't yet tried my surface for real work. I really like the online keyboard for basic tablet use.
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    Buying from eBay...

    I bought mine from ebay and overall I'm happy with it, although I don't really have anything to compare it to. Browsing the internet does feel a little sluggish (especially facebook chat, they really need a FB and twitter app!), but I think that's a common fault with all of them. I do have a...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    I bought this one and it arrived today - it's perfect for a simple sleeve that protects my surface from knocks and scratches, without adding extra bulk! EasyAcc 10.6" Tablet PC Laptop Sleeve Pouch Case Cover: Electronics
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    A couple of questions..

    Ah okay, thanks for this. I have already downloaded Fotor so hopefully this should suffice. It's a shame they don't have a specific app for wordpress but I guess the browser should work fine until there is one.
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    A couple of questions..

    Hi. I've just bought recently bought the 64GB Surface RT and really like it, however have just a couple of questions. 1) Is there any kind of wordpress or blogging app? 2) I saw someone mention in a previous thread that the Lite Photoshop app was their favourite app; I can't seem to find this...
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    Just got mail from Microsoft listing Surface Pro Starting @ price

    RT coming out in the UK in John Lewis tomorrow online!

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