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    Time to Upgrade... SP vs SP4...

    Howdy Folks, I have been happily using my Surface Pro (128 GB) for the past (almost) 3 years. It is time to upgrade to the latest version, but I am currently trying to assess which model of the SP4 would be "best". The price for the i5 model with more RAM and SSD than my current SP costs...
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    SP1 additional storage options

    Howdy, I had a similar situation with my Retina MacBook Pro recently (ran out of SSD space), and wanted to add more. I did not want to add an external drive that I would have to plug into it and tote around, so I opted in a "custom" 128GB Transcend JetDrive Lite...
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    Solved My Surface won't boot up - MS support Can't help :-(

    Hi Msek99, When you say it won't boot up, what exactly do you mean? When you press power nothing happens, or that Windows fails to go all the way to the desktop/Metro interface? IF it is just that Windows Fails to load, you can boot off of a bootable USB drive and recover your files that way...
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    Surface Pro and Connected Standby

    Howdy Folks, I just read the Anandtech articles on Connected Standby for Windows 8.1 64-bit (AnandTech | Windows 8.1 x64 Connected Standby Support) and the Surface Pro 3 (AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Hands On, Display & Performance Preview). He confirmed that his SP3 sample supported...
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    Pro vs. Pro 2 usable storage

    Hi Ahfunaki, I don't have, or have access too a Surface Pro 2, but I may be able to offer some insight. The Surface Pro ships with Windows 8 Professional, and the Surface Pro 2 ships with Windows 8.1 Professional. One of the touted features of Win 8.1 Pro is that it uses less disk space than...
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    Surface Pro GUI Performance???

    Howdy Everyone, I own and have been using a Surface Pro since early this year, and have been very satisfied with the overall performance, both in application and responsiveness. However, ever since I updated it to Windows 8.1, the GUI has started to stutter and hitch. In some Modern apps...
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    Thinking about upgrading

    Hi Omni, Thanks for chiming in here. I wasn't aware of those facts. Thanks :-) Rich S.
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    Thinking about upgrading

    Hi DocGo, As others have stated, your settings (wallpaper, user icon, screen saver, etc....) settings are synced to your Microsoft Account by default. When you login to a new device using the same account, it will adopt the same look automatically. Your Modern (or Metro if you will) apps can...
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    128 GB Surface Pro Memory Problems

    Howdy Everyone, On my Surface Pro (Windows 8.1, version 1) the default page file size is 1.4GB (1408 MB). On all my other devices the page file is equal to the installed RAM amount. If you can spare the space, see if upping the size to 4 GB (on the 4GB model) and see if the error goes away...
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    128 GB Surface Pro Memory Problems

    Hi Tastykilljoy, That error that you mentioned typically has to do with low virtual memory, and not low physical memory. Windows will swap out inactive processes to the page file (on the hard disk) when RAM usage meets a certain threshold. Due to the use-case of the SP, I would imagine that...
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    Installing Windows 8.0 on Surface Pro 2 Tablet

    Speaking from historical perspective, if Microsoft follows the typical pattern, the Surface Pro 2 will not officially support Windows 8 (Pro). However, technically speaking it "should" work as long as there are drivers available. I am curious though, as to why Windows 8 meets 99% and Windows...
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    Skin your Pro for $15 @ MS Store while you wait?

    Hi XterraPro, Did you do this? I was in my local MS store this past weekend, and saw some displays. I was thinking about doing it to my Pro, but wanted to hear other folks opinions on it. Does it cause the Pro to run hotter, do they peel off easily? Thanks! Rich S.
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    Surface Pro Heat Damage ?

    Howdy Everyone, I am really enjoying my Surface Pro, and was wiping the screen down with a microfiber cloth the other day, and noticed a slight gap on the top left-hand side of the screen. The gap seems to be where the top and side panels meet, but it is a little uneven. The same gap on the...
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    No iTunes Metro App For Windows 8

    Exactly! Using iTunes and an iTunes Match account, I have my entire iTunes Library on my Surface. This way, it uses zero storage on my Surface, and just streams from the cloud. The only downside is the need for the desktop app, which sucks trying to use with touch. If Apple made a Modern...
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    Touch & Type Covers??

    Greetings Everyone, This is just a quick question about how folks "protect" their Surface (or Surface Pro). I am coming from iPad-land and have always had a Smart Cover/Rear shell on my iPad, installed moments after taking it out of the package. This combo has kept my iPads in mint...

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