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    8.1 keyboard issue

    So you did a fresh install, after a wipe? Trying my best to avoid that.
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    8.1 keyboard issue

    I will see what I can find; the volume, music, etc. keys still function - letter keys and the rest do not. Someone else was having this same issue, but on a Touch Cover, after upgrading to 8.1.
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    8.1 keyboard issue

    Not sure if I did or not, but I'd have to say I did. I've been on 8.1 since the leak a couple weeks ago, and this issue only recently occurred. It's seriously hindering my schoolwork... what do you suggest I do? No updates available when I check.
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    8.1 issue (if I can't fix it, can I revert back to 8.0?)

    I can't find Start8 in the store.
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    8.1 keyboard issue

    Saw this posted somewhere earlier, can't find it now. Why is my type cover not working all of a sudden on 8.1?
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    Touch/Type Cover - Is having one essential?

    The keyboards are essential to me; the Surface is not complete without it. Schoolwork, job, play, all of it involves the keyboards...heck, I wouldn't be typing this reply to you without a keyboard - it would be too tedious for me. One of my Pledges just bought an RT last week (after some...
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    Delta Airlines will equip all pilots with Sufrace 2 Tablets

    I wonder how the transition will be; most pilots that I have encountered use iPads for avionics. My CFI uses an iPad 3, and my roommate uses an iPad as well. The iOS market has a much wider array of aviation-related programs, and programs I use are WLegacy programs...which runs into obvious...
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    Installing Windows 8.1 RT on Surface RT

    This is the first full day on 8.1; my device was fully charged this morning, and it is now at 55%. A little more drain than before.
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    How do I fix the type cover keyboard, reinsert key

    Well I definitely don't want to be stuck with these keys acting like this; the keyboard obviously still works, but the n and spacebar keys are slow to retract after pressed, it makes for an odd feeling.
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    How do I fix the type cover keyboard, reinsert key

    I'm glad you posted this, I'm looking for similar help. Something dripped between the "N" and "spacebar" keys on my type cover, and now they're sticking. I tried cleaning it last night, but now it's worse. How did you remove the keys safely? I am not going to remove them until we find the...
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    Installing Windows 8.1 RT on Surface RT

    Just finished the upgrade, posting from my new 8.1 device! Thanks for the post, Omni - while not extensively detailed, your directions were easy to follow, and the install took hardly any time at all. Liking 8.1 so far. Where can I find a list of updated/new features that come with this OS?
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    Curious Issue with Start Button

    Just upgraded to 8.1 (thanks, Omni) and it's looking good so far. Kept all of my apps and personal files/settings, so I was really joyed about that. I cleaned my Type Cover as well; almost feels like a brand new Surface! Anyway, I have an odd problem...As some of you may know, I have the...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    Damn you, Jeff. Give us what you can!
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    Thoughts on Surface Mini?

    I personally don't see a market for a Surface Mini. When you scale things down to that, simply to get a market competitor for other brands, the gap between phone to tablet diminishes. The main promoter of the Surface lineup is productivity; and there's only so much you can do on a small device...
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    Microsoft Officially Unveils New Surface Pro 2

    What're the prices for respective SSD/RAM models?