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    eBook Reader | Management | Cross-Platform Solution?

    I use Calibre on my desktop to manage my library From there I drag and drop onto Google Books in my desktop to upload. My library is 15GB so cloud is not really an option. Google Books only supports EPUB and PDF. Calibre can do the conversion from Mobi to EPUB if they are not DRM'd I also...
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    LG Ultrawide 3840x1440 and SP3?

    What about daisy chained ?
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    Speaking of eReaders and .PDFs

    OP can correct me if I misunderstood but I think he's talking about multiple devices as well ? eg I read an epub book on my android phone on google books, I open it via the Google Books App on Chrome on my SP3 and it opens onto the same page, which is a feature that's really convenient. To the...
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    Why is it so difficult to highlight text and copy?

    Except more than 1/2 the time I don't get the handles at all, so I have to select another word, then come back and hope I get the handles next time Same I I triple tap, it selects the sample but I don't get the handles. Makes selecting text tedious.
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    Poll Which internet browser do you use?

    Chrome. MIE is better with touch but just lacks too many addons
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    Modern Word Processor Discussion Thread

    This is what I am looking for !

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