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    SP2 Micro SD card

    Also , as for ejecting, I found the pen which comes with the Surface Pro to work perfect for helping eject my Micro SDXC. Hope this helps.
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    SP2 Micro SD card

    Had this problem with the card ejecting (software wise not physically) with the Surface Pro and Sandisk 128 sdxc. I tried two different sandisk cards and had the same problem. Ultimately I ended up finally getting a Toshiba Micro SDXC and the card has never eject since. My conclusion is that...
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    gaming native resolution lags

    Have you found a way to get the Intel HD control panel installed, or some other way to force full screen resolution scaling? This is a problem I was only able to resolve on my original Surface Pro with an Intel driver update. However with Surface Pro 2 I am unable to install the Intel driver due...

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