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    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    Mine just finished downloading...So far so good :)
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    Acer Doing Good in Sales

    Yeah I'm thinking the Surface Mini would be around 299$ too. I think Nokia might enter in with a similar device at 199$..I remember reading an article on CNN Money a while back and it described windows 8 tabs from Acer as having "good sales"
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    Galatic Reign, World of Keflings out...

    Just tried out a trial of Brotherhood of Violence...SO MUCH FUN!!
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    Surface Pro Hate

    All the reviews so far have been quite positive. Even the battery is better than expected
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    Surface RT marketshare according to AdDuplex

    Interesting article Microsoft's Surface RT has a 7.6% worldwide tablet market share, according to AdDuplex | WinBeta
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    STILL no facebook and twitter official apps

    There is an official Twitter app coming soon, Ballmer said that at CES. I don't think Facebook is coming out with one yet
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    Article Stating Weak Microsoft Surface Sales......What Do You Think?

    Microsoft made two mistakes 1) Limited amount of stores to buy at the beginning of product cycle 2)the pricing was a huge turnoff for people . I remember when the first Ipad came out and sales were quite tepid... and now look at the juggernaut. I think as more quality apps come out for the...
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    Microsoft Surface May Come to Retail Chains Before Christmas

    It's been confirmed but only for the U.S and Australia for now...(Best Buy & Staples)
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    PLEASE ... Why Can't MS Market the Surface?

    I'm more angry at the fact they don't have it at Best Buy and Future Shop. I don't mind the commercials... A handful of ms stores isn't gonna sell you 5-10million tablets...At least Win 8 phones are selling( more availabilty at stores perhaps :)
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    Facebook touch is out now

    No live tiles notification page seems to be working alright
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    Surface RT 2, Pro 2, and Smartphone

    The person who spread out these rumours online hasn't been 100% accurate in the past. It would be nice to see a windows phone though... As for surface rt 2...its more likely its coming out 4Q 2014. That's my best guess.
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    Facebook touch is out now

    Yeah I downloaded the update too....much better.
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    Any apps to help with Stock trading?

    I use seeking alpha, Bloomberg, cnn money and heat map on my android. On my surface I only use Sigfig and the finance app that is already included....there are not too many finance apps on the windows store yet unfortunately. But in general the tablet has been a great experience
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    Facebook touch is out now

    Yeah I downloaded it too. Lots of bugs right now....

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