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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    Interesting, if it's 950M based, I'll keep my preorder, that should be sufficient gaming >.> where did you find that information?
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    If it's 2 piece the keyboard would be replaceable, and theoretically yes, they could release a more powerful gpu in there..
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    according to windows central 2 people said it was a 960m in the comments sections.. Surface Book specs
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    it's not on the site, it only says Nvidia discreet gpu. and i7, not what types.. I saw the Geforce 8g, but that could mean anything like 8g surface book with Geforce on board. There is nothing at all about the actual hardware specs, and i'm just going to preorder and cancel if I don't like them...
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    where did you find this news?
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    Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown

    No kickstand on the book, but i'm positive someone will come out with a case that has a kickstand for it. Now I just need to figure out how i'm going to protect mine when it arrives on the 26th..
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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    Love it that microsoft can't release the damn specs of the cpu/gpu's used in the different models, just i5, i7, nvidia gpu, etc.. why? I'd like to know what i'm buying...
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    Just returned my SP3 i5...

    I know, seriously, who would attempt to play a game on the sp3 that was advertised to work on the SP3! Amazing same thing happens to me. Business class device? Last time I checked it wasn't just advertised to business. Stop trying to protect the device, it's broken, I returned mine too, and...
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    So here is the deal, the 4300U i5 we know is in the surface pro 3. but we know nothing about the i7, is it going to be an i7-4500U? if so, it's basically pretty much exactly the same as the i5 in processing power they both have 2 cores, the i5 has a base of 1.9ghz, the 4500U has a base of...
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    Has anyone here tried Linux or OS X on their device?

    I have a dual boot OSX mavericks and windows 8.1 on my surface pro, everything works on osx facetime, imessage, sound.. and I just recently set it up a week ago. apple didn't change the way imessage and facetime work, so I don't know what people are talking about. you just need to have a valid...
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    Playstation 4 wireless controller works excellent for surface pro

    You need to put the controller into sync mode, I think it's center PS button and share button held at the same time for 10 seconds.. the white light will blink. READ THE MANUAL! it says how to put it into sync mode.. ;p
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    I'd like people if they can to run throttlestop 6.0 on their surface pros for a test

    Ok, that might explain things then, when idle the core is getting 2600 mhz, but as soon as under load drops to 2300, you are right, first core on TRL button is 26 and core 2,3,4 are 23. I heard somthing that the mhz was lowered in the last update, that's why i was worried that microsoft...
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    I'd like people if they can to run throttlestop 6.0 on their surface pros for a test

    And tell me after running the bench what speed their pro hits, mine idles at 2600 mhz, but drops down to 2300 mhz under load, I believe it's the latest firmware update that removed my speed on my pro 2. 300 mhz drop is a pretty big deal on 4 cores. let me know if possible what people are...
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    Playstation 4 wireless controller works excellent for surface pro

    Just an FYI, sync it to bluetooth, playing all my games with a wireless dualshock 4 controller.
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    Battery is excellent!

    Wow, I charged it this morning before work.. went into work.. and it's been going for hours, still at 75% life so far.. very awsome, much better than pro 1. Wifi gave me a few issues connecting though the first few times.. going to update the driver and see if it helps.

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