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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    Towards the end of day two. I received mine (i5/8GB/256GB) yesterday just before 9:00am -- which made me happy. This is an upgrade from an SP3 i3/64GB. The screen is gorgeous. I've had none of the bleeding issues some have mentioned, and probably wouldn't have cared. Pixels do not resolve. It's...
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    Battery Life

    My battery life is much worse than on SP3 i3. Maybe four hours. I couldn't figure out why until I noticed that several windows processes (driver framework, service host) were eating up 50% of cpu consistently. When that happens, I have to restart to make it stop. Happens every time the WiFi...
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    First problem encountered

    I had this issue yesterday. Machine is fully updated. The problem was entirely reproducible: anytime a video or animated gif scrolled into view, I would get the issue with the changing hue of the screen. If I scrolled over them fast enough, I would also get screen shake and blanking. Then it...
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    First problem encountered

    Yes, this has happened to me as well. A very brief flash of blue haze. Actually, if I go to a really lengthy facebook page and furiously scroll up and down, there will be some other effects as well (screen blanking and shake). I have a little video of it. On this very page here, it happens when...
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    Official I received my Surface Pro 4

    I received mine: i5 256GB. Installed the necessaries. Very fast. This was an upgrade from an SP3 i3, so I'm easily impressed. One thing concerns me: I've had the screen shake (meaning the whole desktop moves to the right briefly) and the screen blanking. It's happened a few times under very...
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    Can the SP3 i3 64GB run Adobe CC?

    I can do that. It's not usually how I get things done -- that happens more with InDesign-- but it works just fine. The most popular i5 models have the same amount of RAM as this one. What I would say is that this machine allows you to get real work done on the go -- and having the pen is a...
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    Can the SP3 i3 64GB run Adobe CC?

    I run CC on mine. Not having any issues. I'm using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, all 64 bit.
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    Running the heck out of an i3.

    I guess you already had your reply, but I'll throw mine in: Short answer: no. So long as you do not cause any physical harm (by dropping it on concrete, for example), it should last a good long while. Other than the hinge, it effectively contains no moving parts. Electronic parts do wear out...
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    Can someone please confirm with VS2013?

    I run VS2013 on my SP3 i3. I haven't had an issue. I will note that I have the hypervisor turned off: I only turn it on when I really need to. And yes, it does take up disk space. There's enough of it, though, even with the 64GB model. You just need to do good housecleaning, and make sure you...
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    Who Loves their SP3 - Positivity Thread

    Yes, I do a bit of development. That's more about load times and compile times, where the SSD makes more of a difference than a CPU.
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    Who Loves their SP3 - Positivity Thread

    I'm rather happy with it. Mine is the i3 model, which means I'm required to keep a clean house, but it's responsive, runs what I need to, miracasts admirably well into the classroom projectors we use, and has a battery life that allows me to leave my charger at home without a worry in the world...
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    Are 128 GB enough for ...

    I do the same things and make do with 64Gb.
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    Will the i3 be enough for Office and browsing?

    Interesting question. Yes, actually, but only in the app store. I only ever go there to laugh at the myriad SDK samples masquerading as actual apps, and the VLC fakes, though. Let me add that I doubt the checkerboarding is about the i3, though. My RT does not do that, and not because it's so...
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    Will the i3 be enough for Office and browsing?

    I'll throw in my 2c. I have an i3. I use it for office -- including access -- constantly. I also do some development on it (VS2013). I do a ton of PDF annotation. The i3 is completely fine for all of those things. It actually compares quite well with my much faster desktop as a result of the ssd...
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    Surface RT broken (screen issues)

    I appreciate that, and it does make some sense. A real bummer. Right now, I make to the logon screen. Lift it up, and darkness. My timing was good, though. I pickup up an sp3 this weekend ...

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