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    Dim display

    I was able to solve it by removing the display driver and rebooting. Upon boot up it re-detected the device and it was bright again.
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    Dim display

    Has anyone had an issues with the display being too dim? I am comparing this to my 2017 SP. Even at the brightest setting it doesn't seem bright at all.
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    Firmware Updates Repeating?

    Thank you.
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    Firmware Updates Repeating?

    Do you know which one you removed? The date would be helpful. Thx
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    Firmware Updates Repeating?

    Is anyone seeing firmware updates repeating coming up in Windows Update? I've installed them a couple times in the last few days. And I know they're old because some have a 2017 date.
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    1803 Upgrade made my Surface SLOW

    I have an i5/8/256 configuration, and since installing 1803 it's made things very slow and laggy.
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    Why Here's how I left Microsoft, went Apple, and became a hypocrite because I switched back.

    Good story. I started using PC's, specifically the IBM PC at age 11. I always used PC's of some sort, but then in 2007 (?) when Apple switched over to Intel, I knew I could run both on a Mac. I've been happy with my transition since, but still have to use a PC from time to time because I'm in...
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    27" 4K monitor suggestions?

    Currently have a Dell 4K, but most of the time it blanks out or has no connectivity. Anyone have any good suggestions on a replacement?
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    All external monitor issues

    I also find that I sometimes have to reset the Surface Dock to get my external monitor detected. PITA sometimes.
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    How Do You Backup Your SP4?

    Veeam Endpoint Backup.
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    Charging and then not charging?

    OK, so I'm connected to a Surface Dock with an external 4K monitor. I notice that my Surface Pro reports that it's charging, and then stops charging. It seems to be doing this repeatedly over and over.
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    All external monitor issues

    I've had success uninstalling the display driver (and delete from disk), reboot and then run Windows Update to re-install the driver. No issues so far.
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    SP4 shut itself down

    I didn't have anything particularly demanding running; a few Chrome tabs, Outlook and Skype for Business, when all of a sudden everything went black. Tried to turn the Surface on and it gave me a temperature icon. Hmmm. Edit: it's back up now. Looks like it went into hibernation since all apps...
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    All external monitor issues

    I did just that prior to my post.
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    All external monitor issues

    My experience: