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    Think I'm about to get a Surface RT, what's the diffirence between that and the 2

    The Surface RT might as well not even have a camera its so bad. The Surface 2's camera is great. Windows 8.1 is on both if you do the updates. The Surface 2 has a lot better resolution and you notice it. The text is less jaggy and blocky. The Surface 2 kickstand has 2 positions, the RT has 1...
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    Game Controllers! Will anything besides the official Xbox controller work?

    This video seems to suggest that you're wrong... No they won't! I tested this myself. They will NOT work. Stop spreading misinformation! Post facts and/or evidence please.
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    Surface 2 camera problem

    I bought an ipod where the camera stopped working 2 days after I bought it. I should have returned it on the spot. My advice is if you can't fix it tonight then return it to where you bought it tomorrow. Sometimes crap happens in the manufacturing plants. Look at that kid in China who...
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    Game Controllers! Will anything besides the official Xbox controller work?

    Thanks! Currently 20 bucks on amazon! But here's my question... There's a video on youtube of a guy reviewing Surface games. He had a game controller working on his Surface RT, but then, for some reason, the controller didn't work on the Surface 2. He couldn't figure it out. So I was wondering...
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    So, do you ever use the Windows button?

    I use it all the time. It's great. I love it.
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    Are there ANY movie maker apps? Any good ones?

    So I didn't check this on my RT before I traded it and I don't have my Surface 2 yet. Everyone complains about windows movie maker not working in RT. Is there any kind of app alternative? Just something to due some quick editing before uploading to youtube. Maybe cut out a few bits...
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    Game Controllers! Will anything besides the official Xbox controller work?

    I traded my Surface RT in and I'm going back for a Surface 2. What's the deal with game controllers? I know that Sean Ong guy got an xbox controller to work. I think it has to be the wired one though. I tried my ps3 controller on the Surface 1, and yeah... you don't have to be a rocket...
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    the Surface surface ! Very angry!!

    Ugh, I've got to make a decision on that. I REALLY like Windows RT and HATE OS7. But the weight! The weight! I don't know what I'm going to do. I've narrowed it down to either going back for the Surface 2 or going back to get the Ipad Mini 2. God I hate the boring uncustomizable home screen...
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    Using Xbox Games App With Different Microsoft Account

    Anyone know how to change your XBox name? It automatically started calling me "ThisArmadillo" WTF?!
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    the Surface surface ! Very angry!!

    Wow. The power cable is really taking the finish off. Not good. I have the RT and was thinking about going to get the 2 instead. Now I don't know.
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    the Surface surface ! Very angry!!

    Can you post a pic? I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep mine too.
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    how do i ditch the current xbox account and connect to new one?

    It auto assigned me to a name I don't want.
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    why is a live tile clock not possible?

    Hmm... i'll try that one.
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    why is a live tile clock not possible?

    Seems like none of the apps in the store really work. They all seem to have a problem with the live tile not working unless you click on it to update it. Is a live tile clock just not possible?
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    SkyDrive is Killing My Hard Drive

    How do you check that?

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