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    SP3 on an airplane: tablet or laptop?

    I've had mixed results. After having to pull it out and rescan once I asked what was triggering it and because on the scan it shows a Fan that usually makes them think it is a laptop and not a tablet. I typically just pull it out now to avoid the rescan.
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    Recent Update killed video quality

    Noticed the same issue as well... Anyone with ideas to fix it?
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    Battery charging Problem, New firmware?

    That worked perfectly!!! Thanks!
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    Surface Pro Restarts after Sleep?

    I can confirm that this does solve the issue with the sleep issues. I tried a lot of other options but this did the trick. Wonder what this will do to battery drain though....
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    Battery Life and Video Player - Yes it does seem to matter

    Did you try with windows media player? I've been doing similar testing and found that it was using the least amount of cpu and was giving me the longest playback times.
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    External Battery Pack Option

    Hi Terriermike, Actually my cheap surface pro adapter had one cable and a grounding sheath that I pulled back and made into a basically a 2 wire set-up (It was a surface pro cheap adapter not an RT one). Interesting about your anker 10000 comment and it shutting down. I have the...
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    External Battery Pack Option

    I also built a smaller version of what you guys have. I have a 8200 mah chargeblock that has a 12V 2amp output (basically the same as a rt charger) and it seems to work with my pro. I doesn't seem to charge as fast as the rt charger (I use it for travelling all the time) but it maintains and...
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    Actual time to charge Surface pro with RT charger?

    I've just finished a week long trip with my surface pro and the RT charger...and the RT charger worked perfectly. I was able to charge the pro just as fast and frankly was able to attach my Samsung s3 to the built in usb plug on the surface (not the charger) to keep topping up and it charged it...
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    Use This Gadget to Run EVERYTHING From Your USB 3.0...

    I'm actually using this dock with my surface pro right now. It works very well and I'm pleased with it. There were a few glitches with the software around issues it created with the active tiles in the metro screen but they just released a new version of the software and so for all is running...

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