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    Less than 3 Hours Battery Life - i5

    Not sure why, but today using Chrome I've gotten 6 hours of surfing and am still at 40% battery remaining. Maybe just a one-time glitch.
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    Less than 3 Hours Battery Life - i5

    No, all updates have been installed. Guess I will take the tablet to the Microsoft Store and have them check it out.
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    Less than 3 Hours Battery Life - i5

    This is unacceptable! I bought this to replace a SP4, i7 16GB RAM because I wanted extended battery life, but I'm not getting it. Less than 3 hours, surfing using Foxfire. Any ideas? The following is what I see as output from powercfg -energy: Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report Computer...
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    MS Surface Pro (2017) with LTE Release date?

    I use my cell phone to tether, routinely. Since I always carry my cell phone, I've personally never seen a purpose for having a cell modem inside my tablet devices. Do people want this feature only because they don't want to carry a cell phone?
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    Drawboard PDF will not update

    Drawboard is now a paid app. Was loaded on my SP4, not on my new SP2017.
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    Tiny menu fonts

    There's a boatload of software that doesn't play well with high-res displays, Adobe Acrobat, Quickbooks and AutoCAD being front and center among the offenders. The screen on the SP4 is lovely, but my work laptop with the "crappy" HD screen resolution (1366 x 768) works a lot better with a...
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    More resistance to shattering of the display. That's a serious problem with the current models.
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    Had our First Surface replacement

    It came as a big surprise to me that the .pst file didn't sync to my Dropbox account the way I thought it had. That's really the only file I lost.
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    Had our First Surface replacement

    Having had a corner of my screen shatter on my initial SP4, I went through the replacement program MS has implemented. Cost me $450 to have a replacement unit, and unfortunately lost my Outlook .pst file. :mad: I've since purchased a padded case that the SP4 will always be placed in before it...
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    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD performance

    Yes; that's exactly how I use mine (128 GB).
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    Aftermarket docking station

    I've got a very old Toshiba Dynadock (I've had it at least 8 years). It works fine with my SP4 to access an external 1920x1080 display, printer, DVD-ROM drive and other assorted peripherals.
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    When will it come to the store?

    They've been at the MS store in Columbus for a week or more.
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    Surface pro 4 Slow Wifi issues

    I've taken advantage of my ASUS router's 5 Gz band to connect, and my slow connection problems have vanished. The regedit solution didn't work at all for me.
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    All external monitor issues

    Me too. Running an eMachines monitor attached through a Toshiba Dynadock U hub.
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    All external monitor issues

    I don't have specifics on use of the SP4 with a TV, but generally speaking Windows 10 does not seem to have figured out very well how to reconcile a new, higher resolution internal display such as that on the SP4 with outboard displays. If you find settings where the internal displays work...

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