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    Surface pro 4 pen with surface pro 3?

    Yes, I'm using an Sp4 keyboard and pen with my SP3. I would double check to make sure you're following the pairing procedure properly(couldn't hurt to restart Windows and retry), and if it doesn't work after that, check to see if the pen's batteries are inserted properly.
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    SP1/SP2 Docking Station $89.99 Staples Ends 4/25/2015
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    How to Set SP3 in Ycbr444 Display Mode?

    Hmm, not sure, but maybe the drivers direct from Intel allow that option? Odd that your monitors are expecting YCbCr instead of RGB. Do your monitors have a "Black Level" setting? It may have a different name as it varies from manufacturer, but it would allow you to set PC video levels...
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    Calendar App Won't Completely Sync

    Weird issue with my Calendar app (the MS one), it only shows events through this past September. However, when I check my calendar through my iPhone (synced to Outlook) and the site, my calendar shows all the events I created correctly. The settings for the Calendar app itself are...
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    Hi all, has anyone noticed when you slide down to kill an app it still sits in task manager??

    When I had to replace my stolen surface pro 2 last year, I purchased a SP 1 as a stopgap until I got an SP3. Having 8GB of RAM in SP2, I was very concerned going down to 4GB would be noticeably different regarding performance. Its something I was paying very close attention to, but running it...
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    Sleeping for 10 Seconds Then Waking Up... Arrrghhh!

    It may be worth trying turning off Bluetooth and WiFi, not as solutions but to try to isolate what's causing it.
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    best back cover for surface pro 3 compatible with type cover

    I too got my trident case and loving it. Doesn't add much heft, and bonus for allowing the keyboard to fold back both ways. Heat has not been an issue (or at least it hasn't added noticeably to it), and I do a little gaming on mine. Only detriments so far is the lack of a slot to slide in the...
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    Solved SP3 Keyboard issues

    I had a worry similar to what you experienced. I found out that sticky keys/filter keys was turned on. Check to see if all those are turned off.
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    best back cover for surface pro 3 compatible with type cover

    Plan on buying this case. Is the type cover able to fold back if I want to use it like a tablet? And in both methods (keyboard facing out/felt cover facing out). Thanks!
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    Patch Tuesday and a Holiday !

    I've had no such issue. I did have a blip where IE modern wouldn't open after the update, but another restart cleared it up.
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    Back for one more try

    Any product that you've had to replace four times is a sign to pass on the product line entirely. At this point you'll be examining every aspect of the SP3 and wondering if it'll develop into one of those issues you had previously. You've got an i3, so it may have less issues because its...
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    Solved My Surface has insomnia - sleep issues.

    I've had similar problems, though not as severe. Things I've done to mitigate it are going into hibernate if I know I won't be using it for awhile (though I recall you running into problems going that route), another is I noticed when my wifi router's connection was unstable (I have an old...
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    Can I detach the Pen Loop off the Type Cover?

    It's felt, so there's not much damage it can do (in fact, I think it makes a poor bonding surface); anyway I had mine on for a month and removed it without any residue. Though I don't think you'd be able to reattach it (or if you managed it, probably wouldn't hold nearly as well)
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    researching the surface pro 3

    Some users are still exhibiting issues with wireless. While there are many that don't have any problems (mine doesn't), it wouldn't be fair to discount it either. As for the battery, is isn't user-replaceable. However, when the SP3 was announced, MS made a remark that the battery could be...
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    New iphone owner - how do you integrate with the Surface Pro 3

    I second the experience of using OneDrive to backup photos taken. Once set up it works seamlessly.

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