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    Do you use a case for your Surface Pro 1/2?

    I use a neoprene sleeve that I picked up for 10$ and no screen saver. got the sleeve when I notices it was picking up a lot of tiny scratched on the back when in my bag
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    Can't turn off back camera when using Google video chat

    This problem exists on preyproject as well. There is a easy change via editing a config file that works perfectly. don't have it handy but it was easy to find via google.
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    Gorgeous SMOOTH fonts on Surface Pro and Desktop

    Not sure I want to go down this rabbit hole :) , but can someone tell me how this problem can easily be seen on the surface pro? I would like to try this out and see what it does.
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    How to perform clean install of Windows 81. RTM and activate it

    Did the latest (aug?) SP firmware and driver package auto install from MS updates? if not, did you DL from MS and manually install them all?
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    First MAJOR headache... iPhone to Surface tethering

    glad to hear you got it working. Itunes is required to make it into a network card, but I have never hard Itunes installed on my Surface Pro. PS did you upgrade it to the Windows 8.1 preview?
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    First MAJOR headache... iPhone to Surface tethering

    Lots of devices have problems when accessing a hotspot configured with a complex SSID. The Iphone unfortunatetly is missing the ability to set (just) the ssid, it uses your iphone name. Just pick something simple for your iphone name. Mine is Name-iPhone5. It works perfectly every time.
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    Anyone else noticing some odd SP behavior of late?

    Have you tried this? C-A-D to go to the lock screen, then just hit esc to go back to where you were? I have this problem all the time, and that's what I do, works everytime.
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    May 14th Firmware update

    Got a Limited connection issue within 5 minutes of applying the fix, and the vanishing cursor issue is still here. Luckily the vanishing cursor can be fixed by a simple C-A-D then escape
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    Password requested after adding Metro email account

    We have the same approach. As an enterprise, we see your email an as assert we own and are responsible for. As such, we have to make sure that if that email is on a device that is likely to be lost or stolen, it must have meet OUR minimum security standards. One of those standards is that a...
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    New Intel HD4000 driver

    Anyone get a chance to try it yet? [url=[/url] I am hoping it fixes the blacklight or missing mouse cursor issues.
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    Surface Pro - Best option for Live Wi-Fi connection details?

    Can anyone suggest an application to give realtime information on the current Wi-Fi connection? I am looking for stuff like connection type (A / B / G or N) channel width (20 or 40) connection speed (windows supplies this pretty straight forward) 2.4 or 5.0 band TIA!
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    Surface PRO Firmware Update...

    I have exactly the same versions and according to my updates log, mt firmware update applied correctly.

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