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    MS Excel 2016 Issues since last surface update

    ever since i did the last update, which I performed on the 18th of this month, MS Excel 2016 goes crazy. When I open a spreadsheet, the curser bounces all over the screen very quickly and rarely does it stop long enough to exit the program!!!! I have disabled the touch pad to see if that was...
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    SP2 and problem with MS Dynamics CRM

    We have CRM and I can log into it just fine on my laptop. I am also running CRM via outlook 2013 with zero problems. However, when I try to access CRM via the webportal, I get an error that says, "Access denied, you do not have sufficient access rights or privileges to perform this action"...
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    help me install office!

    my IT manager at work (1200mi away) gave me a product key for Office 2013. when I click on the icon on my Surface Pro 2 for MS office it give three options, Buy it, Activate it, Try it....of course i select Activate It, and it then prompts me to enter a prodcut key. which i then enter what my...
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    surface pro 2 and MS Office question

    how much does Office cost, and if you have a product key for office currently can it be used to load it on? my work has licenses and i think they will support it since i will be mostly using it for work.